The Best Live Game Streaming Platforms for Online Gamers

Gaming is popular and people spend lots of time playing them. But, not all games are the same. Some are actually video games while others have more to do with gambling and are played on online casinos like Turbinino casino

Streaming video games is a very popular hobby and there are streamers who have 0 viewers but they still keep streaming, because it is a nice hobby. Not all streaming platforms are the same, especially for online games. Here are the best streaming platforms for online video gamers. – The Most Viewed Platform (in the West)

If you live in what’s known as the West, meaning Europe and North and South America, you are likely to watch Twitch for gaming content.

Plenty of online games like League of Legends and Apex Legends, Fortnite, and more are streamed on Twitch on a regular basis. There are music and chatting streams, but gaming dominates on Twitch, now considered the go-to gaming platform.

DouYu – Chinese Streaming Platform

Launched in 2014, it overtook Twitch around 2019 in the number of monthly viewers, which is understandable, given that the Chinese love esports and their favorite teams and players, as well as the sheer number of people living in China. If you are from that area, DouYu is the platform for video games.

Facebook Gaming – Facebook Gets Involved

Believe it or not, Facebook has a very decent streaming service, called Facebook Gaming, where people can get away from Twitch and Amazon, to another giant company that has its own rules, similar, but different. Variety helps everyone, and Facebook Gaming does a great job at empowering gamers.

YouTube – Available Worldwide

YouTube is extremely easy to set up and use for live streaming, whether from a mobile phone or from a computer. Even though YouTube is used for all kinds of streaming, gaming is one of the types you can enjoy and it is getting better.

Caffeine – A New Contender

Caffeine is a new platform, or newish, and it is great for gaming. It tried branching out but at the moment, gaming is one of the best things you can do on Caffeine. While not as good as Twitch, it is a great alternative for those who do not want to deal with Twitch.

Huya – Another Chinese Giant

A direct competitor to DouYu, Huya is another great streaming platform namely used by the Chinese. It is a good alternative or preferred platform in China, depending on who you ask. If you plan on having a Chinese audience or are in China, this is the site to be on.

VK Live – Russian Streaming

VK is a very popular Russian social media site and with that, they have their own streaming service which is great if you are Russian and care about the domestic audience.


There is nothing like open-source streaming, where you host your own stream, you being the server. Your stream, your rules. It requires the know-how to set it up.

These are the world’s best 8 streaming platforms for online gaming. There are more of them but consider these prior to any other, because they do offer more than a regular streaming platform.

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