The Best Gaming Setups of 2021 – Essential Items to Have for a Great Gaming Experience

Video games are popular and have been for at least four decades. This is a long time in technology years and we have come really far from the humble beginnings of Pong. Gaming has become so immersive and widespread that there are even video games in car computers, let alone smartphones which can run older video games better than the native gear of the time. Even casinos, such as Inplay casino, have embraced casino games that remind us of video games.

Your modern gamer will have a great setup and there are some items essential to having a great gaming experience. Here is what you need to have a great gaming setup.

A Good Ergonomic Chair

From a strictly health-oriented perspective, having an ergonomic chair will help everybody, not just gamers. A good gaming setup, however, implies that you will feel good when gaming and that it will enable you to play for an extended period of time. Ergonomic chairs are much better than gaming chairs because they are made for comfort and health. Gaming chairs look great but are for the most part, inferior to ergonomic chairs.

A Good Monitor

People will focus on the hardware inside the computer, but a good monitor will make the gaming experience much better. A better contrast ratio, a higher refresh rate, and in the case of better panels such as IPS and VA, the viewing angles will also be better. Choose any relatively good monitor with the aforementioned panels and you will be good for at least a couple of years. Monitors are your gateway into immersion and choosing the right one can only help enhance it.

Speakers and Headphones

Most gamers play with headphones nowadays but some will prefer a good set of speakers. If one wants to truly enjoy gaming, a set of audiophile-grade open-back headphones will make the gaming experience that much better. A wide soundstage and great stereo imaging will make every sound be right as if it were you were right there.

On the other hand, a good pair of speakers or a surround system can have a similar effect, without clamping your head.

Both solutions work, choose whichever is more practical and comfortable for you.


A good gaming setup also has the right peripherals which in the case of PC gaming is one of the more important parts. A quality keyboard with mechanical switches which are suited to your hand and finger strength can make all the difference. An ergonomic mouse, larger if you have a larger hand or smaller if you have a smaller hand, is also a game-changer. Add to that a mouse pad, something essential for gaming, and you will see improvements in all aspects of your experience.

The Core

Finally, for a good gaming experience, one needs a console, PC, smartphone, or any other device capable of rendering a video game. This is essential but given its mandatory nature, it is at the bottom of the list. Your games will run sluggish if you have a bad core, so make sure that it is up to the task, particularly in regards to the monitor’s resolution and refresh rate.

Having a good gaming setup in 2021 is easy if you follow this list and obtain what you might be missing.

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