Consoles vs. PCs – Which Is Better for Professional Gaming?

In the world of gaming, there is an eternal debate regarding superior gaming tech. One claims that consoles are better whereas others that PCs are better for playing video games. The truth is that consoles are similar to BGO Sign Up Offer in casinos in the sense that they make certain games feel better and more fun. So we will compare these two using various aspects in order to determine their pros and cons.


This is not really the category where PCs can compete. Sure there are computer configurations that are cheaper than consoles, but that’s beside the point. Playstation and Xbox are designed to be budget-friendly versions of the top-tier gaming devices. Meaning any title that is going to be released for a PC is going to be playable on consoles as well. Moreover, the latest versions of these two consoles really have an impressive configuration, so they are worth it. 

The latest gaming graphic cards cost almost 3 times the price of these consoles. If you take other equipment into account you get a device that is really expensive but that will likely outlast the console in terms of relevance.  

Types of Games

When it comes to professional gaming there are both PC and console tournaments, but PC definitely wins in this category. The most popular and biggest eSports competition is all about PC games. Some of these games are available on consoles as well, but pro players are mostly on PC. There are some big names like Pokemon on Nintendo, but even those events are not nearly as big as DOTA, CS: GO, or League of Legends. 

If we were to talk about single-player games though, consoles definitely have better exclusives, but developers that work on these games are always trying to make them accessible to the entire player base.  

Online Play 

Most of the multiplayer features are now available through online play, and both consoles and PC players are playing online. This wasn’t always the case though as consoles used to offer a multiplayer experience that required other players to be physically there. It was the same for PC too but the ability to play online became available sooner. 

Which is Better

If one wants to be a professional gamer then that person is going to play the games they like. So, there is no clear-cut answer, as they might prefer some titles that are only available on console. However, we already stated that PC gamers are more popular on the eSports scene and most of the pro gamers are in this category. Nowadays, you can also connect your PC to a TV and use a joypad to play certain games, so consoles don’t really have an advantage there. 


To sum up, if you want to train to become a pro then the console is a cheaper way to do so. If you want to play the most popular and competitive titles then you should go for an expensive PC. Also, if you plan to compete in MOBA, Battle Royale, or FPS games it’s probably better to go with the PC, but if you want to excel in fighting games or sports games then you should go for a console. 

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