Highly Anticipated Video Games of 2022

Spending our free time by entertaining ourselves is probably one of the best ways to spend time, particularly after a hard day’s work. And while some people find entertainment in using CashiMashi Casino bonus code, others like unwinding by playing video games. Video games are fun regardless of which genre you choose to play, or how you play them at all. 2022, like most years, has a couple of very interesting games in store for us. Here are the most anticipated video games of 2022.

Horizon Forbidden West

Sony releases a ton of great games which are often exclusives for their console, the PlayStation. However, the first iteration of the game, Zero Dawn, got released on PC as well, showing the world what a great action RPG looks like. Forbidden West is set to release in 2022, with more enemies to fight, new areas to explore, entire underwater worlds, not to mention a new thrilling story. It is still a PlayStation exclusive at the moment, though in time, it might be released on the PC, as well.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Making creative blunt objects which set enemies on fire, bleed and poison them, while also electrocuting them and somehow still remaining blunt weapons is a trademark of the first Dying Light game. In the second game, the crafting system returns, as does the parkour. The parkour is going to be even better, with live motion capture of the founder himself, David Belle. There are many improvements and changes to the gameplay. Dying Light 2 is looking to be a great zombie video game.


Everybody wants a new Elder Scrolls, but we get an entirely new IP from Bethesda, the first one since Fallout and TES, which is the first one in 25 years. Following their trend of releasing video games on November 11, Starfield is also going to be released on that date.

It is worth noting that we know relatively nothing about the game, except that it is looking great, with realistic graphics, but not overly realistic. It’s a space-based RPG and we haven’t had many of those.

God of War: Ragnarok

The God of War series follows everyone’s favorite Spartan turned god, Kratos. In Ragnarok, the story continues from the previous game and Kratos and Atreus have to deal with the ending of Fimbulwinter and the upcoming Ragnarok. It doesn’t help that Thor and Freya are not happy with them. All in all, a God of War game promises action and fighting. 

Elden Ring

Everybody knows what Dark Souls is. What about a video game set in an open world that has some of that Dark Souls gameplay. It shouldn’t be unimaginable, particularly because it is coming from the very developers of Dark Souls. Add to that George R. R. Martin’s writing and the game is already looking tempting. 

These are the most anticipated video games in 2022. There will be many more games released, but these ones are at the top of the list of most anticipated games.

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