The Future of Esports – Looking Bright

Some sports have been progressing since their initial development and founding, but most of them have evolved into something really special. Football, golf, baseball, and basketball are all amazing sports that started off rough but evolved to be something amazing.

Esports, like sports, started off as a laughing matter, with lots of people dismissing it as something almost offensive to actual athletes. But, as a matter of fact, athletes enjoy playing video games and even watch esports. 

Esports is pretty popular today, and the question is what will it look like in the future. Here are some ideas.

More Sponsors – The Big Leagues

Esports teams already have large sponsorships from companies like Honda, Toyota, Kia, BMW, Beko, HiSense, and many more. The fact is that esports is very popular, particularly in the East, namely China, Korea, and Japan and they get lots of viewers. 

With that in mind, large sponsors already see the opportunities for profit and advertisements, so they put their names on the jerseys (which is an already adopted term from sports) and they support the esports teams while also advertising their products.

Some companies have great campaigns for esports and the future is looking like it will have more and more large supporters.

More Broadcasting – More Viewers and Views

Just like regular sports which get a lot of air time, esports now gets its own broadcast, on television, even. Streaming esports is normal, due to the very nature of video games and their connection to computers, mobile phones, and the internet. Most esports titles are played by millions of players worldwide, on an amateur level and on a professional one.

As esports gets more popular, it will only grow in size, meaning more viewers and more media time. That means more opportunities for jobs in the esports industry, for both the athletes and the supporting staff.

A Variety of Esports Titles – More Games

You could name current successful esports titles on your two hands, and some of them are dropping in views and popularity and thus the incentive for the upcoming gamers to play them. New video games bring new opportunities for new players and a new ecosystem. Not all video games are the same, nor the companies behind them, meaning that they will be different regarding the professional side of things.

As new games get developed and become more popular, they can saturate the market and bring necessary competition to games that may otherwise start to stagnate.

Esports, like sports, will continue to evolve in its own way, depending on the video games which are played, and which developers and publishers try harder to make their titles a better esports title. The future is looking bright for the world of esports, having in mind the current state and development.

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