The Biggest Professional Gamers At the Moment

Esports is not that young anymore. While still developing on a larger scale, most are familiar with esports and know what esports is. Esports has evolved so much that we have plenty of famous athletes who are now superstars, popular enough to be known by people outside of esports.

For those who follow esports, and not even a specific video game, they are familiar with the biggest names in the other esports video games. Here are the world’s top video game professionals at the moment.

Faker – Lee Sang Hyeok

The name Faker rings throughout the world of esports, as the athlete enters his 9th year as a professional player on the then SKT T1 and now just T1 roster. He is a League of Legends superstar, the one who won three World Championships. Whenever T1 makes it to the Worlds, they manage to do well and it is often the stability of Faker that brings that success. Nowadays, he is the veteran player on the team and is surrounded by new talent, yet he still manages to make amazing outplays and shows why he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Flash – Lee Young Ho

Now at the very twilight of esports, Starcraft II used to be the only video game worth watching alongside CS: GO. Flash is a veteran Starcraft II player, who managed to retire from Starcraft II in 2015 only to get back to professional gaming not long after, playing Brood War. When not streaming on AfreecaTV, Flash is getting tournament wins and enjoying life as a professional gamer.

Fatal1ty – Jonathan Wendel

This name might be unknown to new esports fans, which is why they should be reminded of Fatal1ty, one of the original FPS gamers, proficient in Quake and similar games. He actually has 12 World Championship titles, many international and domestic wins. Fatal1ty retired from professional gaming in 2008, way before any of today’s video games were even released. Today, he has his own company which is used to distribute his brand among today’s video game enthusiasts.

Olofmeister – Olof Kajbjer

Olofmeister is a known quantity in the world of CS: GO, which is why he is in this list. Known for his tenure in Fnatic from 2014 until 2017. During that time, he won a couple of Majors and showed the world why he is one of the best CS: GO players. Today, he plays for FaZe Clan, though is currently listed as an inactive player and is not playing on the main roster.

There will be even more professional esports athletes in the coming years, with every video game becoming a platform for new stars to showcase their talent. The list will grow and expand to accommodate new names and stars, as they build their legacy.

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