Betting on esport : which website to choose ?

This rapidly growing sport is being overtaken by actual betting on the mega-matches, which are broadcast on TV and online from massive stadiums. Originally betting was merely between friends and family, but has mushroomed into a multi-million-dollar industry, with punters partaking from all over the world.

Even though you’re totally familiar with every aspect of the games, you may be uncertain how the betting works, and how to choose the website from which to wager your bets.

Well, the latter is made easier by They rank and list the superior sites from which to bet, ones which use real money. Strict criteria have been set for the evaluation of the competing sites.

Firstly, the reputation of the sites. Rogues sites come and go, but don’t last long. Their reputation precedes them by punters spreading the word, hence causing them to shut down. Security is a major concern for esportsbets, whether you visit their site or another site of your choice. So, make sure that all the security features are in place before losing your hard-earned money on a site of ill-repute. Security is vetted before esportsbets would even consider listing them.

Secondly, does the site you have chosen list a good number and variety of games? The amount of choice you are given is of vital importance, you need to be able to bet on many different genres as possible. Before you start betting on Dota 2 with Bet365 when you really want to bet on League of Legends, check what else is available. Choice is a valuable feature at esportsbets. Ideally, eSports shouldn’t be lumped together in one section of the website, but should rather have a different section for each of the many games.

Next, and of high importance, how fast can you withdraw your winnings? It should be instant. Maybe with a brand-new account it may take a couple of days, but thereafter it should be hassle-free and quick.

Fourthly, are you being offered a welcome bonus, including free bets? This does feature as a ranking bonus for the site, but it is not hugely important in the scheme of things. Far more important is a secure and reliable setting.

Carefully check the dreaded terms and conditions. Read the small print. It is essential. However, if you’re using esportsbets then be confident that it has all been done for you.

How does one choose between sportsbooks and esportsbooks? Dedicated eSport betting sites offer more games and variety, are far more likely to offer live streaming and they are much more familiar to the gaming punters, with all the experience and design focused on actual eSports. Traditional sportsbooks are bigger, and most have a reliable history. They will offer betting on all types of sports. Their higher limits are due to their long history, with more money to lose. It’s up to you. Where are you most comfortable? Just make sure your money is safe, and in the hands of a serious provider.

We are all attracted to freebies, so free bets and deposit bonuses are very appealing. Free bets generally give you one free bet when you register and are probably one for one; £10 deposit gives you a £10 free bet. Other sites will offer a free bet with a deposit, and they will pay you back, up to a limit, if you lose your first bet. Check the restrictions carefully, though.

Deposit bonuses are an almost 100% certainty when you choose a site. Most often it will be a bonus of up to 100%, up to a set limit. This means, in real terms, that your deposit is doubled.

Now, with all that behind us, the most dominant form of betting is match betting, which means betting on the outcome of the match. Some of the prominent sportsbooks like Unikrn and Pinnacle are trying out and developing live betting, and in-play betting, so you can bet within the duration of the match. So, there’s another option.

At the end of the day, you make the decision. To summarise, check the following. Is the site trustworthy? Are the prices good for eSports bets? Do they offer any promotional value for newbies? What kinds of bets are available to place on the matches? Bet with the confidence that you have been given all the tools to select the website that suits you best.

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