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  • Can Gambling Games be Regulated by the Government?

    Gambling is regulated pretty well in almost every country where it is legal. What does that mean for the gamblers? Well, that they have to abide by some rules, for the most part, to be old enough to be able to gamble, meaning 18 or 21, depending on the country. For the casinos and online […]

  • League of Legends VS Dota : which is the best for esport ?

    For those new to eSports, which originally started as video games in the 70’s, the initial major change was to the multiplayer online battle arena genre, known as MOBA. This was based on the StarCraft Aeon of Strife custom map, with players choosing their own characters from a roster, fighting against the computer-controlled forces, looking […]

  • Best games for esport

    This booming, multi-million-dollar industry continues to wow the public. Games may come and go, but the most popular continually show exponential growth. The following games are quite popular for esport betting, but if you also enjoy traditional sports, you can use a luxbet promo code. DOTA 2 Top of the pops again is DOTA 2. […]