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  • Betting on esport : which website to choose ?

    This rapidly growing sport is being overtaken by actual betting on the mega-matches, which are broadcast on TV and online from massive stadiums. Originally betting was merely between friends and family, but has mushroomed into a multi-million-dollar industry, with punters partaking from all over the world. Even though you’re totally familiar with every aspect of […]

  • Can eSport be considered like regular sport?

    Esports is one of the fastest growing competitions in recent times, with an estimated 89 million people watching esports in 2014. The prizes for winning such competitions have increased dramatically as well, with prize pools reaching up to $20 million USD. Major sponsors such as Red Bull, Logitech and Nissan have jumped on board the […]

  • Biggest eSports Live events

    The International 2016 DOTA2, held in Seattle, boasted $20 million in prize money with 16 teams and a total of 80 players. The viewership numbers are, as yet, unknown. Katowice, in Poland, made its claim to fame in March 2016 by hosting the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). This now rates as the most prestigious live […]

  • Biggest eSports jackpots

    eSports, or Electronic-Sports, mark a brand new age of technology, where people from all over the world gather to compete in their favourite online games in the hopes of earning prizes ranging from celebrity status to huge prizes. Not only do people compete, but hundreds of thousands watch and support their favourite games and eSports […]

  • Biggest eSports Scandals

    Following the growth of video games, eSports is now a massive multi-million-pound industry, and the best players earn or win huge amounts of money. While it is not a traditional sport, in as much as not much physical movement takes place, the success has spawned many scandals. It should have been predicted, with the incredibly […]