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  • Types of Lottery Games – Know Before You Play

    Lotteries are popular and people play them for multiple reasons, from the promise of being rich to the entertainment of watching the draw with your family. Some just like the thrill of the draw, and nothing else. But did you know that there are multiple types of lottos that you can play and not just […]

  • Can Gambling Games be Regulated by the Government?

    Gambling is regulated pretty well in almost every country where it is legal. What does that mean for the gamblers? Well, that they have to abide by some rules, for the most part, to be old enough to be able to gamble, meaning 18 or 21, depending on the country. For the casinos and online […]

  • Paid to Play : How to Become a Pro Gamer

    Video games as a hobby and pastime have never been more popular. With such a wide variety of platforms and genres, almost anyone can find a type of game that they’ll enjoy. For some people, however, video games are more than a hobby. These players live and breathe video games, working hard to be the […]

  • Biggest E-Sports Tournaments In the World

    From their origins with the release of Pong back in 1972, the world of video games has exploded, and the amount of technology and mainstream adoption of the hobby has never been bigger. People have always liked video games, and people have always been competitive, but only in recent years has a combination of those […]

  • Betting on esport : which website to choose ?

    This rapidly growing sport is being overtaken by actual betting on the mega-matches, which are broadcast on TV and online from massive stadiums. Originally betting was merely between friends and family, but has mushroomed into a multi-million-dollar industry, with punters partaking from all over the world. Even though you’re totally familiar with every aspect of […]

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