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TLO 'Grilled'


 Dario "TLO" Wünsch, of Team Liquid, is the star of the 69th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

How did TLO struggle with life in Korea early in his SC2 career?  What are his philosophies on practice?  Did his reputation for creativity ever haunt his career?  How did he not quit during the 17 month dark period of his career?  Which latter day tournaments stand out as moments when bad bracket draws prevented higher finishes?  How significant was his 3rd place finish at HSC VII?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds

Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:15 TLO trying to get good at BW, getting to B+/A- level on iccup.

02:04 Getting good at BW as an exercise in getting good at anything.

03:47 What are the problems he sees with SC2 in terms of practice, compared to BW?

05:00 Hours of practice vs. quality of practice.

07:15 The sweet spot of hours of practice for TLO.

09:00 The all or nothing approach of his early days, finding balance.

10:54 Managing nerves/pressure issues.

13:30 Allowing emotions to exist but not affect you negatively.

14:55 Staying in the moment, rather than being carried away by emotion.

19:15 Out-thinking oneself.

20:20 Practicing with thought, but playing without conscious thought.

23:42 Did he suffer from thinking ahead when losing to Symbol in the HSC VI Ro8?

25:07 Phase one of his career, from August 2010 to April 2011.  How good was he?

28:17 Why was his first trip to career cut short by about six months?

31:06 The difficulties of living on a clock and in close spaces in Korea.

33:14 Did his repuation as an innovator/creative player ever haunt him or pressure him into playing more extravagently?

36:34 Balancing creativity with consistent fundamentally sound play.

39:38 Race-picking.

41:18 Phase two (17 months, only one top 16 offline significant finish).  How does he not quit during this period?

44:30 The problem of fans trying to encourage you when you place poorly.

46:35 How much of the 17 month bad period was having the wrong approach?

48:47 Had things been fixed towards the end of the bad period already?

51:12 Was Dreamhack Bucharest 2012 a turning point?

53:38 His trend of seemingly always getting out of group stages but then always dropping at the beginning of the playoffs.

56:30 Facing a lot of eventual finalists early in the playoffs.

58:42 Which tournaments stand out as times when the draw went heavily against his potential?  I.e. facing First in Katowice.

1:01:05 Facing TaeJa.

1:02:58 Dreamhack Stockholm in April 2013.  Beating numerous big names.

1:04:32 Facing Mvp in the Ro8 of WCS EU S1.

1:06:34 The difference in preparing for Bo5s as opposed to Bo3.

1:08:55 Progressing in terms of getting better at Bo5s.

1:10:07 The significance of finishing 3rd at HomeStory Cup.

1:11:10 Do his recent results suggest he will place highly in the next 5 tournaments?

1:13:13 Keys things in becoming a better person, which can have a knock-on effect on SC2.

1:16:46 Aliens come to Earth, kill all of TL except TLO and have him create a new TL with Koreans replacing all of the corresponding TL members.

1:20:51 Final words/Outro.

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