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TheOddOne 'Grilled'


Brian "TheOddOne" Wyllie, Jungler of Team SoloMid, is the star of the 44th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

What impact did Dyrus' addition have on TSM's 2012 success?  What are TheOddOne's thoughts on Diamondprox's influence on jungling?  How would inSec fare against NA teams?  How does Saintvicious' style compare with TheOddOne's?  Was CLG overrated in 2012?  Why does he think the NA teams that went to Korea didn't take much from the experience?  How good is  Snoopeh?


Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:18 How much bringing Dyrus into TSM had to do with them becoming the best NA team.

02:12 Playing M5 early on, their perceptions on how good the Russians actually were.

05:43 Diamondprox's impact on jungling.

07:55 Chauster's opinion on jungling not being directly comparable, due to the jungler being an extension of the other four players.

10:35 Whether he watched any of KT Rolster B's games at MLG.

11:07 How inSec (Jungler of KT B) would do against NA teams.

13:57 Carry jungling in S3 and SaintVicious' style in this meta.

16:28 Comparing SaintVicious to TheOddOne's style of jungling.

18:59 Thoughts on CLG and Dignitas going to Korea, the impact it had on their game.

22:26 CLG losing to Dignitas in upper brackets, beating them in lower then losing to TSM in the finals.

25:18 Does CLG have a problem closing out tight games?

29:25 Is CLG overrated?  Were they in S2?

32:10 Was TSM underrated in 2012?

35:08 TSM's poor record vs. Asians.

37:27 Are the top NA players as good skillwise as the top Asians?

40:22 Thoughts on players switching positions.

43:26 Snoopeh's level now and previously.

45:52 Comparing Reginald to top EU/Asian mids.

48:21 NA is at war with Asia and the battle will be decided in a LoL all-star game.  TheOddOne is the general of the NA team, but he only has the Curse, CLG and Dignitas rosters to select his players from.  Who will he pick?

51:49 Final words/outro

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