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Stephano 'Grilled'


 Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri is the star of the 14th episode of my 'Grilled' interview feature.  Evil Geniuses' French Zerg master discusses his SC2 career at the top, spanning the last year and a half or so.

How good was Stephano back during the early days of his 70-3 ladder streak?  Would he still have gone on to be a champion and had a similar career if he had not won IPL3?  What allowed him to have success in the era few foreign Zergs could? Why does he think Zerg is overpowered?  Which tournament stands as the best example of his most perfect StarCraft?  When did he develop his competitive mentality?


Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:24 What happened to allow Stephano to change from up-and-coming French player to IPL champion?

01:03 How good was Stephano during the period of his insane 70-3 ladder streak?

01:47 Was was the significance of IPL3 for Stephano?

02:19 Was ESWC 2011 when Stephano hit his highest form?

03:03 Would he still have become the Stephano we know now if he hadn't won IPL3?

03:39 What was it about Stephano that allowed him to succeed during the era of foreign Zergs struggling?

05:09 Where did Stephano's style of playing Zerg come from?

05:58 Do other Zergs copy the Stephano style?

06:30 How did Stephano's prior relationship with MaNa affect his victory in the ESWC 2011 final?

07:15 What has changed in MaNa's PvZ to allow him to beat Stephano twice in a row?

08:05 Is ZvP still Stephano's best match-up, and should be considered one of the best in the world at it?

08:52 Does he still think Zerg is overpowered in ZvP?

09:50 Why are the Korean Zergs not dominating over there the same way as in the foreign scene?

10:50 Stephano's tweet about Bly beating MaNa being "disgusting" as an example of ZvP imbalance.

11:39 Which tournament stands out as the most perfect StarCraft Stephano played at a single event?

12:45 Did Stephano know he kicked that girl in the head after being flipped at the NASL3 winner's ceremony?

12:56 What makes ZvZ such a weakness for Stephano?

13:51 Who are some Zerg players who come to mind as good ZvZers?

14:16 Does the balance or patch influence on Zerg actually hinder Stephano in tournaments?

14:49 Does Stephano try to mimic good ZvZers' styles?  Does he lack confidence against Zergs?

15:24 Does Stephano never gamble or take risks?

15:58 What are Stephano's biggest strengths

16:51 Are Stephano's mechanics as good as the top Korean Zergs?

17:11 When in his career did Stephano decide on his mindset of only caring about money, not playing in tournaments like GSL Code S?

17:58 If Stephano went to Korea would he be able to get into GSL Code S and place highly?

18:50 Does Stephano care at all about being the best player?

19:38 Does he ever wonder if he could win a Bo7 vs. Mvp and other GSL-type scenarios?

20:12 How much of Stephano saying he hadn't played prior to WCS EU and Dreamhack was exaggeration?

21:02 If Stephano doesn't need to practice much then does that make him the most talented foreigner?

21:57 What is Stephano's competitive mindset like vs. all opponents?

23:05 Did Stephano always have this competitive mentality?  Was it the same when he was a boy?

23:37 Does Stephano get really high emotionally when he wins?

24:09 Do opposing players have to earn Stephano's respect?

24:50 Does he like the structure of North American tournaments more?

25:41 Does Stephano know during a tournament if he is in the form to win it?

26:24 Is there a tournament where he got deep and thought he was going to win it, but didn't?

26:47 What VortiX is good at.

27:37 Is VortiX a patch-zerg?

27:46 Does Stephano think there are obvious examples of patch-zergs?

28:34 Thoughts on NesTea.

29:09 Thoughts on viOLet.

29:34 Are there any Korean players Stephano hasn't played yet but would like to?

30:09 His game 2 loss vs. ForGG at Dreamhack Open Valencia.

30:53 People saying DH Valencia and ESWC were tournaments that were "Stephano's to lose" and if he ever felt that way during them.

31:52 How much does he enjoy playing StarCraft2?

32:11 If he only plays for money then will he always play Sc2 if he wins money?

32:26 Since in the past he said he might leave SC2 after a year or at the end of a specific year, does that mean his philosophy now means he will play until the bitter end of the big money tournaments?

33:46 Does it surprise him that top Koreans like Mvp don't attend many foreign tournaments, when they could probably win more money at the NA/EU tournaments?

34:57 If money is the main goal then doesn't make sense to always attend the less stacked tournaments when there are simultaneous events?

35:58 Attending ESWC was only about money?  Not the event being in France or him defending his title?

36:11 Hearing the commentators in stage matches at ESWC and other tournaments.

37:11 The possible hindrances of hearing commentators.

37:48 How is SC2 balanced with strategy vs. skill?

38:08 Does he agree that Terran is the hardest race to play, but maybe the best if someone is the best player?

38:58 At which point was Sc2 balanced the best?

39:47 Who is the most fun opponent for Stephano to play?

40:15 Stephano's problems facing MarineKing.

40:46 Does he see himself as the best foreigner?

41:12 The foreigner who has the best mechanics.

41:47 The foreigner who is the smartest.

42:14 The foreigner who is the most consistent.

42:34 The foreigner who is the best under pressure.

42:50 Are foreigners weaker than Koreans in terms of crumbling under pressure?

43:25 The foreigner who is the best at pulling out crazy comebacks.

43:45 Does Stephano try to intimidate his opponents with showmanship and mind-games?

44:49 Outro/final words.

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