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sOAZ 'Grilled'


 Paul "sOAZ" Boyer, Top laner of fnatic, is the star of the 53rd episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Why does sOAZ list his S1 match vs. TSM as the most memorable of his career?  Is HotshotGG's style still viable in S3?  Why does he think  Wickd is better than  Shy?  Does his wide champion pool mean he has a special talent for mastering champions?  Is sOAZ a greedy Top laner and how much does he call for help from the jungler?  What are his thoughts on Korean tops like  Reapered and  Flame?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds.

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:18 Were aAa underdogs for the S1 championship?

01:39 A previous comment that his most memorable game ever was vs. TSM at the S1 championship.

02:09 Thoughts on HotshotGG back in the day.

03:41 What was hotshot good at?  Was he the best top laner at the time?

04:37 Is Hotshot's style still viable in S3?

06:05 How has the changing meta affected sOAZ's own approach to playing top?

07:30 Does he really consider himself stronger than Wickd?

08:28 What is the best style for Top currently?

09:39 A comment he made that if he wasn't a pro he wouldn't play LoL anymore.

10:44 Since he is famed for having a wide champion pool does that mean he has some special talent for mastering champions?

12:06 Which champions does he think he has mastered?

12:39 When using other champions does he purposely not play them in a default style?

13:45 Is it a bad idea for top to always go 1v1?

15:40 Thoughts on Voyboy in Dignitas.

17:01 aAa's strength online but problems in offline events, often losing in third place matches.

18:20 aAa losing to Monomaniacs at IPL, then him going to Millenium and them going to another American tournament, losing to the same team under the name Team Dynamic.

20:13 Was the loss at IPL what made aAa disband?

20:35 What did Rekkles add to fnatic?

22:53 Thoughts on Angush.

24:01 How much did he know about Stanley (TPA) and CaoMei (WE) prior to IPL5?

25:09 How did those two Asian top laners compare to the best EU/NA top laners he's faced?

25:44 Is Wickd better than Shy?

26:19 Thoughts on Flame (Blaze).

27:25 What is the difference between Asian top laners and those from NA/EU?

29:01 How are Koreans able to have teams with many players with good mechanical skills?

29:43 What are the benefits of having more mechanically sound players?

30:59 The Europeans that have the best mechanics.

32:41 Thoughts on Reaprered (SKT T1)

34:06 Is it different to face Asian top laners who are the focal point of their team?

35:21 In what kind of scenario would sOAZ give a team to his call?

36:19 How greedy is he as a top laner?  How passive is he willing to play?

37:02 Does he need much help from the jungler?

38:03 Does yellowstar's past with him and nRated mean that they had existing teamplay when the Frenchman came into fnatic?

39:21 What is yellostar's role in the team strategically?

40:26 Is there a top laner he can think of who is underrated?

41:19 Which skill/quality would he steal from another top laner and add to his game?

42:25 Aliens come to Earth, kill the other fnatic members and make sOAZ the captain of an Earth team to battle them in LoL for the fate of the planet.  The aliens are incredibly fast as learning, so they have really wide champion pools. sOAZ must pick an Earth team who have wide champion pools.

45:35 Final words/outro.

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