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ShLaYa 'Grilled'


 Tony "ShLaYa" Carmona, mid laner of against All authority, is the star of the 54th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.
How did  fredy122 come to join up with ShLaYa again, after their time in La GG, in aAa?  How does fredy122 compare to the other top EU Top laners?  How does aAa use ShLaYa in the mid lane in light of how exceptional that role in for the other European teams?  What does he thinks of the NA mid laners and how their teams tend to use their carries?  How does he evaluate  Froggen's play in S3?
The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds.

Time line of topics:
00:09 Intro
00:18 La GG
01:36 Thoughts on the players in the team (Krepo, Yellowpete, fredy122 and Snoopeh)
02:07 The passive playing style of some of the eventual CLG.EU players.
02:47 Beating fredy122 while in GSU, getting him into their team.
04:26 Thoughts on the previous aAa line-up, before ViRtU4l and Dioud joined.
06:21 The public perception that fredy122 carries them.
07:37 How possible is it to have four or more carries?
08:32 How fredy122 compares to the top EU Top laners.
09:43 How does he have to play to face the elite EU mid laners?
11:30 How important is mid in the EU meta?
12:30 How good are the top mid players compared to each other?
13:49 Thoughts on Froggen's play in LCS Spring.
14:58 Do you have to switch to the OP champions?
15:55 What impresses him in other mid players?
16:47 Does he have to change his mid play for every opponent?
17:28 Does the lack of star power in aAa mean they have better teamplay than some of the other bottom four LCS teams?
18:49 Does he watch LCS NA and OGN?
19:15 Which NA mid players does he like to watch?
19:57 Do NA teams operate differently in terms of where their carries are?
21:07 Any Korean mids who stand out?
21:39 Koreans' coordination in team fights.
22:47 Thoughts on the role of the jungle in S3.
23:37 Thoughts on what Diamondprox innovated in S2.
24:38 Why countries like France, Poland and Germany have so many pro players in LoL.
26:03 Thoughts on sOAZ.
27:35 Are there any non-LCS French players who deserve to be remembered?
28:19 How reasonable a goal is being the third best team in LCS?
29:40 The swing of playing playoffs but also potentially being relegated.
30:57 Getting a manager and its impact.
32:22 Thoughts on having so many French players in his team.
32:59 Aliens come to Earth and make Shlaya the leader of an all-French team who will represent Earth in an exhibition game for the fate of the planet.
34:41 Thoughts on hyrqbot (SK Gaming)
35:47 Thoughts on Yellowstar (fnatic)
36:43 Final words/outro
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