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scarra 'Grilled' (2nd appearance)

 William "scarra" Li, Mid laner of Team Dignitas, is the star of the 81st episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.  This marks his second appearance, as he was the star of episode 40.

Why did Dignitas fall off hard at the end of the LCS Spring split?  Did they consider roster changes between the splits?  How does Imaqtpie compare to Doublelift?  Why does scarra think Meteos' style of jungling could change the way jungle is played?  What did he make of all the Gragas play at Worlds?




Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:27 Why did Dignitas collapse at the end of the LCS Spring season?

01:52 Dignitas shouldn't have lost to Coast, right?

04:02 Did the team consider roster changes between the splits?

04:50 How deserved is the rep of all the Dignitas players, aside from scarra, being considered "underrated"?

07:17 Comparing Doublelift and Imaqtpie

09:39 Was it really realistic to think Dignitas could have qualified for Worlds?

14:14 Are Dignitas as a team or individuals too loyal?

17:01 An example of a player where fans don't see how good he is.

19:34 My theory that using the players from Dignitas you could fix CLG and Curse.

27:11 Peers thinking scarra has dropped off.

35:21 How scarra's champion pool has gone.

46:34 Thoughts on Gragas picks and plays in the S3WC.

49:49 Mancloud is by far the best mid in NA right now, agree or disagree.

52:27 Why the new breed of LCS NA players didn't get picked up by the bigger teams?

57:50 Thoughts on Link as a threat.

1:00:57 Thoughts on the CLG roster moves of 2013.

1:05:39 Chauster.

1:11:11 Doublelift's reduced impact in 2013.

1:16:51 Has Reginald fallen off?

1:20:37 Is shotcalling a weakness for NA?

1:23:30 Aliens come to Earth, kill the rest of Dignitas and commission scarra to make a team, of NA players, which could bring him a World Championship.

1:25:28 More on scarra's opinion of Meteos.

1:30:59 Final words/Outro.

Grilled is an interview series presented by Duncan -Thorin- Shields, former editor in chief at Team Acer. Each episode of the series is an in-depth interview with an eSports competitor or community figure, past or present.

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