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scarra 'Grilled'


William "scarra" Li, the mid laner of Team Dignitas, is the star of the 40th episode of my  'Grilled' interview series.

Why did Dignitas beat CLG but lose to TSM so frequently in 2012?  How was Voyboy implemented in Dignitas and what does scarra make of his time in CLG and Curse since?  How did the experience of going to Korea change his thoughts on LoL?  How does Reginald match-up against the Asian mid players?  What has the evolution of   bigfatlp and CLG been like from scarra's perspective?

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:17 The NA LAN pattern: Dig beating CLG, losing to TSM and then losing to CLG.

02:08 Is Dignitas more tactical/strategical than the other NA teams?

03:47 How convinced was he of M5's position as clear-cut #1s in the first part of 2012?

05:05 What ahead-of-the-curve strategies did M5 have?

06:07 How was Voyboy used in Dignitas?

09:38 Voyboy's resurgence in Curse.

11:01 What do Chauster and SaintVicious do differently from other junglers?

11:44 The perception that CLG got the best of the three-way trade and Dignitas got the worst end.  How did they compensate for Voyboy's departure?

15:18 Going to Korea, thoughts on TSM not believing the strength of the Koreans.

17:50 Why were NA level ones "garbage" compared to the Koreans?

20:42 How was TSM able to dominate NA, despite not adapting to the Asian playstyle?

22:31 How can it be that NA only won a single map at the S2 finals?

25:31 Were TSM behind the global curve at S2 finals?

28:06 Thoughts on Reginald's match-up vs. Asian mids.

31:08 The balance of having bread-and-butter plays and trick plays.

34:19 His statement that "you can outplay someone conceptually or mechanically".

36:58 His mid lane match-up vs. Alex Ich.

39:45 Bigfatlp's career trajectory.

40:55 In what way was he ahead of the curve?

42:33 CLG's evolution.

45:42 The mid player who seemed the most unbeatable to scarra.

48:21 NA is at war with Asia, with LoL as the battleground for the deciding conflict.  The US government brings in scarra, with the rosters of Curse, CLG and TSM at his disposal, to create a functional team, conceptually, to represent NA.

52:11 Final words/outro


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