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Scarlett vs NaNiwa in Bitcoin Showmatch

The biggest showmatch prizepool in SC2 history
The two most popular StarCraft II pros in the foreign scene are facing off in an unparalleled showmatch. The contest will have ca Sasha 'Acer | Scarlett' Hostyn going up against  Johan 'Alliance.Naniwa' Lucchesi, competing in a best-of-seven series for a massive prizepool.

The winner of the match will receive 14 Bitcoins (14 BTC), donated by a group of Bitcoin groups and community members. At the time of the announcement of the tournament, this was worth over $14,000, but since then the value of Bitcoins have fallen significantly as China moved to ban the cryptocurrency. At the time of writing 14 BTC is worth about $8,787, although this seems likely to rebound in the future.

The Scarlett vs NaNiwa Bitcoin StarCraft Challenge will be held on December 21st at 12:00 EST and cast by showmatch organiser Total Biscuit and IdrA. An undercard match will precede the showmatch proper, where InControl will take on Destiny in a best-of-three for a 1 BTC (~$630) prize.

Be sure to turn up on Total Biscuit's TwitchTV channel and cheer for our Team Acer player! The fight should be one of the most-watched StarCraft II events left this year, as both Scarlett and NaNiwa recently won Player of the Year 2013 awards in their respective regions and have massive fan support. This should be a good one!
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