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Saintvicious 'Grilled' (2nd appearance)

 Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco, former jungler and current coach of Curse Gaming, is the star of the 83rd episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.  This marks his second appearance, as he was the star of episode 21.


Why was the CLG line-up Saint was a member of 2012 so good if they clashed so much outside of the game?  What change does he suggest which could have made that team "really unstoppable"?  Did he have good synergy with HotshotGG in-game?  How does he compare his shot-calling and Chauster's?  Has his time in Curse gone as expected?  What does he think of Meteos' jungling style?  Why doesn't he think Diamondprox is that innovative?

Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:21 The first 'classic' line-up era of CLG: HotshotGG, Saint, Chauster, Elementz and bigfatlp.  What was it good at?

01:47 The second 'classic' line-up, with Doublelift instead of Elementz.  Was that team better than it looked on paper?

04:08 Taking personal issues out of the equation, if we keep the 2012 CLG line-up with him in it, wouldn't it be better than the later CLG line-ups?

05:19 Was it just Chauster and HotshotGG who had problems with Saint?

06:32 Was his synergy with CLG good?

07:50 CLG's shot-caller issues.

08:24 HotshotGG trying to play Support when Elementz was removed, before they decided to get Doublelift instead.

09:43 Could HotshotGG have continued on as a top laner the whole time and been good?

10:50 Thoughts on Diamondprox, based on having played him.

12:46 Wasn't Diamondprox's counter-jungling innovative?

14:53 Did Alex Ich carry M5?

15:53 Why did CLG match-up so well against the unbeatable M5?

18:21 Were the arguments in CLG really as bad as the 'dropped it' video?  How could they be so good in-game if they were so bad out of the game?

19:58 Was Saintvicious the best jungler during his CLG time?

20:58 Would the Asians have beaten M5 if they'd played earlier in 2012?

23:06 Were the Asian teams the best already in late 2011?

24:09 Chauster as a mastermind of LoL.

25:48 Saint and Chauster as shot-callers.

28:11 Thoughts on shot-calling.

29:47 Were there many situations in Curse as bad as his rant against Elementz about how he'd 'get L0cust in here right now'?

30:57 Why did they have Elementz in the team and why did they replace him so close to the end of the season?

32:29 Thoughts based on having had Edward in his team.

33:33 Did Saint burn out and stop caring about LoL?

35:20 Couldn't he improve his mechanics with effort?

36:31 Meteos, asking about scarra's opinion that the C9 jungler might start a revolution in jungling.

39:04 Is Meteos' style effective, if done right?

40:41 Meteos' ganks.

41:02 If opponents can get ahead in the lane then how will that affect Meteos?

42:10 How would Meteos have done vs. Asian junglers?

42:39 Were Cloud9 close to winning the series vs. fnatic?

43:25 Does he think Xmithie has the best style of Jungling in NA?

44:04 Thoughts on Xmithie's S3WC performance.

44:15 Thoughts on TheOddOne.

45:10 Thoughts on LoveLin.

46:06 Korean junglers.

46:42 Is the Korean style unique, or do any Westerners share that style?

46:59 Doublelift saying Xmithie is as good as if not better than DanDy.

47:40 Are Korean junglers ahead in vision control?

48:39 Thoughts on fnatic's bush hiding style.

49:12 His thoughts that EU would be behind NA, prior to S3WC.

51:26 Has his time in Curse gone the way he thought it would?

53:00 Does he have to push people in Curse?

54:36 In a year from now, does he really believe his team could be the World Champions?

56:41 Hypothetical: Saint must make a super team of past or present team-mates, during their peak.

59:34 What was the best moment or experience of Saint's LoL career?

1:00:28 Final words/Outro.

Grilled is an interview series presented by Duncan -Thorin- Shields, former editor in chief at Team Acer. Each episode of the series is an in-depth interview with an eSports competitor or community figure, past or present.

All photos courtesy of their respective owners, including Riot Games.

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