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Saintvicious 'Grilled'


Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco is the star of the 21st episode of my 'Grilled' in-depth video interview series.  He is best known for his time in CLG.NA and now Curse.NA.  With numerous top three tournament finishes littering his resume Saintvicious was also a WCG gold medalist in 2011.

How does Saintvicious look back on his time in CLG.NA?  What is his assessment of  HotshotGG's time as a Jungler?  How well did CLG.NA cope with the Korean metagame of early aggression?  Does the NA scene have a top five player in the world at each position?   What does he think of Voyboy as a player and when he did come to the opinion he is the best Top laner in NA?  What does Saintvicious need, personally, to be successful in LoL?  Why does he think  Taipei Assassins won the S2 finals?


Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:25 How is Saintvicious doing at the moment?

00:47 How does he look back on his time in CLG.NA?

02:25 Does he think fondly of his time in CLG?

02:54 Does CLG's history of top placings mean if they didn't win there would always have been roster changes?

03:48 Does he feel a sense of rivalry when he plays CLG Prime now?

04:09 Has he seen the fanfics about him and HotshotGG after he left CLG?

04:36 How does he assess HotshotGG's time as a Jungler?

05:29 Snoopeh saying HotshotGG suffering from a small champion pool in the jungle.

06:03 How much did the trip to Korea drive CLG apart?

07:24 Losing to the eventual champions in the playoffs in Korea, how does he assess how competitive CLG were?

08:42 How does he think CLG coped with the Asian metagame style of more aggressive early pushing?

09:55 Why have CLG, SoloMid and Dignitas and always been such close rivalries?

10:25 What is holding the NA scene back from being strong as the other regions?

11:55 The tendency of the NA scene to constantly bring in star players and swap people out.

13:20 For every position could you find an NA player who is top five in the world?

14:48 Using the NBA analogy to explain building a team around a couple of star players, instead of stacking every position on the roster.

15:48 How much is LoL about letting the star do his own thing, with other people playing off him, or having a unified strategy everyone must fall in line with?

16:57 Have M5 gone down a level?  Have other people gone up to their level?  Are they still a legitimate top three team in the world?

18:39 Did M5 not competing in American tournaments or Asian tournaments make them seem better than they were?

19:21 Do the top NA teams all understand that they are behind the Asian teams now?

20:05 Would teams from the West all benefit from going to Korea for a month, or setting up a team house?

20:50 Referencing a systemic problem in the NA CS scene in the past, with teams refusing to scrim each other due to personal beef/rivalries.

22:18 Is the systematic Korean approach to the game the way LoL should be played?

23:25 Thoughts on Voyboy as a player and team-mate.

24:11 When did he begin to consider Voyboy the best top laners in NA?  Was there a time he thought HotshotGG was the best top laner?

24:43 Picking out the best players at each position from the Asian scene, with reasons for the selections.

26:48 What holds back the best NA players?  How do Doubelift's mechanics compare to the best Asian players?

27:48 What role does Saintvicious' shit-talking play for him?

28:30 What does Saintvicious need for him to be successful in LoL?

29:10 How many teams had a legitimate chance to win the S2 World Finals?

30:00 Why did Taipei Assassins win S2?

30:31 Is the Taipei Assassins research advantage comparable to other teams?

30:57 Does the massive amount of money in personal streaming in the West hinder some top players from going all-in on trying to be the best competitively?

32:36 The tournament, series or game that was the best LoL Saintvicious played?

33:36 Was the 2011 WCG field the calibre of the top teams we think of now?

34:26 Is Curse already at the level of his past team?  Is it a building phase still?

35:54 Have we reached a point in LoL where the best teams will stick with the same lineup of five players for a long time?

36:49 Does LoL have a set lifespan?  Will it be around in three years?

37:56 Where would he want to be in one year from now?

38:14 Final words/outro

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