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RotterdaM 'Grilled'


 Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi is the star of the 29th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.  He is a commentator for NASL, previously worked for ESL-TV and was a professional gamer in WarCraft III.

How do most casters compare to the average GM player in game knowledge?  Should we get rid of play-by-play casters?  Is it not a problem to have the same casters doing every match-up, every region and every tier of player?  What is the solution to fans not wanting to see only Koreans play in the latter stages of tournaments?  What is RotterdaM's take on  Stephano's success?  Why does he compare NaNiwa to Ash Ketchum?


Time line of topics:

00:09 intro

00:21 what SC2 players would be a good reference point for how good RotterdaM was in WC3.

02:49 If he hadn't become a caster would he have gone full-time trying to become an SC2 pro?

06:33 Realistically, how much knowledge do analytical casters have, even compared to mid tier pros?

08:34 Should we get rid of combinations of two play-by-play guys at events?

10:13 Do enough casters do their homework and go beyond just the casual level?

13:35 Are match-up specific casting combos a good idea?  Is it not a problem to have the same casters doing every match-up, every region and every tier of player?

16:13 Which player is RotterdaM the most in-tune with during games he is casting?

17:02 Are play-by-play casters defunct, being as people can see with their eyes what is happening?

19:35 Fans claiming that if the final players are all Korean then they don't care anymore.

22:20 Is developing the personality of the Korean players the future?

24:28 How does he weigh up the different championships?  Is Stephano winning NASL3 as big as NaNiwa coming top 8 in GSL Code S?

26:54 Picking foreigners who would be good in the GSL system of preparing for games.

29:35 Stephano's mindset and other foreigners who have a similar mental approach.

31:27 NaNiwa's struggles in 2012.

33:27 People saying Zergs just practiced more than the other races and had better players.

35:37 When there is imbalance should we give extra credit to players of the weakest races who perform well?

36:53 Koreans being willing to sacrifice everything to be the best in SC2.

40:46 final words/outro

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