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ocelote 'Grilled'


 Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago, the mid player of SK Gaming, is the star of the 36th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

How skilled a game was competitive WoW compared to LoL?  What is his counter to people who say he is overrated or washed up?  Does he consider himself a top 10 mid player in the world?  Why does he think Europe has the best mids?  Why does he say Kev1n is better than  Voyboy?  Could Wickd and  Snoopeh have been as good in SK as they were in CLG.EU?  Was beating CLG.EU in the S2 Regional semi-final the peak of his LoL career so far?

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:22 How big was competitive WoW compared to LoL now?

01:46 Was his persona in WoW similar to how it is now?

03:45 WoW as a very skilled game.

06:23 How was the transition from WoW into LoL?

08:38 Is he still the star of SK?

10:20 Thoughts on people saying he is overrated or washed up.

11:31 Does he consider himself a top 5 mid player in Europe?

13:08 Is he a top 10 mid player in the world?

13:56 Why does he think Europe has the best mids?

15:39 Does every region have elite players in every position?  Is Voyboy as good as the Korean tops?

16:44 Why does he think Kev1n is better than Voyboy?

17:26 Which Asian mids come to his mind as amazing?

18:10 Are Asians overrated?

19:38 Thoughts on NA teams and players.

20:56 Did he know Wickd and Snoopeh are as good as they have since shown themselves to be?

21:50 Since he had Wickd and Snoopeh in SK prior to them making CLG.EU, does he ever look at their success and think SK could have been more successful if they'd stayed?

23:49 Thoughts on being the focal point of the team.

26:47 Praise that he is at his best in big games.

28:44 The effect of picking up a new player producing a short performance spike, then the level going down again.

31:18 Thoughts on SK's player changes relative to Gambit and EG keeping the same lineup for over a year.

33:27 The period in the middle of 2012 where SK tried swapping Kevin and ocelote's positions.

35:24 When he went to the top lane did he imagine he was going to easily dominate the opposing top laners?

36:26 Araneae's removal.

37:58 Why SK doesn't make high profile/star acquisitions.

39:30 People's criticisms of ocelote, despite managing to have some good results every now and then.

40:29 Why was SK able to beat CLG.EU in the semi-final of the S2 European Regional?

41:33 Was risk-taking an element of beating CLG.EU?

42:28 Was winning that semi-final the peak of his LoL career so far?

43:18 What was losing at the S2 finals like?

44:09 Is there a clearcut #1 team in LoL?

45:45 Is there an ideal set of positions to build a team around?

50:34 Would it be possible to have a top team with the Jungle and Support as the best players?

51:53 Aliens come to Earth and get ocelote to pick out the players to represent Earth for the fate of humanity.

53:18 Final words/outro

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