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nukeduck 'Grilled'


 Erlend "nukeduck" Våtevik, Mid laner of Lemondogs, is the star of the 74th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Was nukeduck ever intimidated facing Europe's star mids?  What sets his team apart from the other European teams?  Which teams are the most predictable in the pick/ban phase?  How does he imagine Lemondog's style will fare vs. international sides?  What did mithy's addition to the team change?




Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:17 Had he always been trying to become a top pro in 2012?

01:10 His past playing with Kubon (now of MYM) and puszu (now of fnatic)

02:03 Was he surprised puszu got picked up by fnatic?

02:22 Evaluating puszu's play in fnatic.

02:37 How accurate ELO/ranking is to how good a player could be as a pro.

03:49 Is there someone in Europe with high ELO/ranking but hasn't gotten a chance in a big team?

04:25 What did his team do to become the best in Europe?

05:28 Did they have this kind of playing style already in mind going into the season?

05:53 EU teams and anti-stratting.

06:59 Is Lemondogs the best at picking and banning?

07:37 Why are they the best at adapting to the new patches?

08:05 Can the Lemondogs style work vs. even the best international teams.

08:58 Does he watch other regions?

09:06 Is there a team in another region with a similar style to Lemondogs?

09:29 Is EU the region that tries the most stuff out?

10:06 Was he ever intimidated by facing Europe's star mids?

10:51 Who are the best mids in Europe?

11:10 Which players from other regions at the best at mid?

11:41 Froggen and Alex Ich.

12:03 Bjergsen and xPeke.

12:27 Does he feel like he is better than the top mid players in EU?

13:02 Is there a specific style to succeeding against the other EU mids?

13:35 Does Korea have the solution to the split-pushing style?

14:32 Faker.

15:47 Does he have a few champions he particularly wants to play for his position?

16:46 The process/philosophy of how they pick champions.

17:18 His team playing more reactively.

17:45 Any other teams who use a similar style?

18:07 Is it an advantage to have this style vs. the international teams?

18:47 How calling/decision-making works in Lemondogs.

19:23 Addressing the weaknesses of a democractic calling process.

20:29 What has changed to make LCS EU so close in parity between teams?

21:43 How much of his play dictates what the rest of his team does?

22:19 How he picks his champions.

23:01 MYM doing well against Lemondogs.

24:07 Removing wewillfailer and bringing in mithy.

24:53 What mithy helps Tabzz with.

25:25 Thoughts on Tabzz as a mid laner.

25:51 Has anything changed about players being able to change position?

26:34 Does he have a secondary role he is good at?

26:58 If he had to switch position as a pro, what would be choose?

27:39 Did he have a chip on his shoulder when playing elite players in the past?

28:22 What changed to make him more confident?

28:54 Why his team doesn't do more lane swaps?

29:43 If all the champions get tweaked would Lemondogs' style change radically?

30:14 Going with comfort picks, even if the champions get weakened.

30:43 Is there a champion he is so good at he'd play in most circumstances?

30:53 The secret to playing Zed.

31:26 The practice environment of LCS EU Summer.

31:47 The most challenging team in scrims for LD.

32:29 How close EU scrims are to actual games.

33:08 Teams bringing in analysts.

34:34 Who is the trickest team in LCS EU, minus LD, at picks/bans?

35:18 The mid laner he does the best against.

35:46 The mid laner from anywhere that he'd like to face.

36:16 Describing the approach to mid in NA.

36:46 How he watches other regions.

37:10 Mid players whose builds impress him.

37:41 Does he work with Tabzz on how he plays mid?

38:08 How cemented their deal with Lemondogs is.

38:54 The chances of LD changing players.

39:38 Are they a team who'll remove someone as soon as he shows poor performance?

40:43 Do LD practice the amateur teams?

40:55 Will any amateur teams make it into the next LCS EU season?

41:48 Whether other LCS EU teams will have big player changes in the off season.

42:16 Aliens come to Earth and have nukeduck make a super team of Scandinavian players to face them.

43:27 Final words/Outro.


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