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nRated 'Grilled'


 Christoph "nRated" Seitz, former Support of fnatic and current EG analyst, is the star of the 65th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

How does he compare Rekkles and Doublelift around the time of IPL5?  Can Yellowstar be a better Support than nRated?  Does he feel like a scapegoat over the team's LCS Summer results?  What does Genja need from a Support?  How does he analyse EG's decline since the end of S2?  What does nRated think of Froggen and his current level of play?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:22 Playing in aAa, finishing 4th at the IEM VI World Championship.

02:39 The approach allowing aAa to beat M5 online, back when M5 were dominant offline.

03:54 Losing to CLG.NA in the 3rd place decider.

04:53 The Chauster-Doublelift botlane in 2012.

06:15 Losing badly at IPL4, breaking aAa up.

08:40 Were there concerns post-aAa about not being able to continue as a pro?

11:23 At the S2 Regional finals for Europe how close, realistically, to beating M5 in the semi-final and if SK had been the 3rd place opponent would they have beaten that team?

13:48 How much of fnatic's success in late 2012 comes down to Rekkles?

16:13 The view that Doublelift was stronger than Rekkles since the latter played with a top tier mid and top laner.

19:07 nRated saying fnatic had dominated CLG.NA at pre-IPL5 scrims.

20:28 Why were fnatic so good against everyone but WE at IPL5?

22:18 What was so good about World Elite?

23:58 Facing Koreans (Reapered's SKT and inSec's CJ Entus) at IEM VII Cologne.

26:20 Facing Blaze again at IEM Katowice.  Had anything changed about Blaze?

28:12 Playing with Yellowstar in fnatic, his role and impact.  

30:40 Could fnatic have kept him as AD rather than take rekkles in the future?  Was it always the case rekkles would come into the team?

31:53 The looming problem of someone needing to be removed to take rekkles in.

33:21 If the rekkles issue wasn't looming, does he think fnatic would have given him a chance to fix whatever they thought was wrong with him?

36:07 Can Yellowstar really be a better Support player than nRated?

38:59 Why wouldn't fnatic just remove Yellowstar for rekkles?

41:24 The politics that go on behind the scenes with players being removed, was he ever at risk in the past?

43:51 Teams in LCS EU replacing players and having better results in the wake of those changes.

47:06 Beating Gambit in the LCS Spring final.

49:41 What does Gambit miss since Edward left?

51:42 Genja as a player and what he needs from a Support.

54:52 Facing MadLife.

56:00 What specifically happened to EG from S2 to S3?

1:00:17 The topic of very passive playing styles.

1:06:12 Contrasting EG's passive style with fnatic's split-pushing strength.

1:08:13 Understanding the game in a similar manner to Koreans.

1:10:45 People saying Froggen is playing worse because EG isn't doing as well and that xPeke is doing better because fnatic is doing well.  Contrasting the two.

1:18:03 A discussion about the term metagame.  Comparing players between regions.

1:26:55 Aliens come to Earth, take the Korean all-star line-up and demand nRated makes a team that could beat this Korean team.  He must pick the smartest/analytical players at each position.

1:28:16 Final words/outro.

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