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NightEnD 'Grilled'


 Silviu "NightEnD" Lazar is the star of the 12th episode of my 'Grilled' video interview feature.  fnatic's Romanian Protoss discusses his WC3 career, his time in Korea for SC2 and the balance of the three races as they stand right now.

Why does NightEnD think 20-40% of players don't deserve to be at the top in SC2?  What shocked him about  TaeJa's TvP and how does it compare to the other elite Korean Terrans he has faced?  Can  Grubby or Moon be as good in SC2 as they were in WC3?  Why aren't there more good Korean Zergs?  Are the top European Zergs as good as NesTea, DongRaeGu and Leenock?  How did his level change when he went to Korea?  What would he change about Zerg to make it more balanced?

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:18 Best Romanian esports players.

01:53 How old he was when he began WC3.

02:27 Stigma of it being difficult to break into the top tier of WC3 due to invitations.

04:01 How good NightEnD was in WC3.

04:35 Why European WC3 players have been so successful in SC2.

05:35 Is he surprised WC3 players like NaNiwa are good in SC2?

08:05 So he is saying the reason some players at the top undeservedly due to the game not being developed enough to show the difference between the players?

09:36 NighEnD's belief that he will win every match he plays.

10:47 Where would NightEnD be ranked amongst all the players of the world, purely on skill?

12:09 Why does he think people overrate the Koreans?

12:50 TaeJa vP compared to Mvp and other top Koreans Terrans.

13:23 Examples of European players who are at the level of TaeJa and other elite Koreans.

14:07 LucifroN in TvP.

14:26 Korea having better Terrans than EU and NA.

15:59 Will there be a time where there are more EU and NA players are good at Terran?

16:52 Does he think Grubby and Moon can be as good in SC2 as they were in WC3?

18:14 KeSPA players coming over into SC2.

19:20 Korean ladder compared to EU.

20:05 Why there aren't more strong Korean Zergs.

21:13 European Zergs who stand out.

22:23 Are the best European Zergs as good as NesTea, DRG and Leenock?

22:50 Does he think fans overrated Koreans the importance of GSL?

23:46 Can any player ever dominate SC2 like some players did in BW?

24:49 Periods of each race being considered imbalanced, do the SC2 designers understand pro play?

26:29 Does he worry about balance?

26:42 Does complaining about balance hurts people's games?

27:25 The storyline of foreigners fulfilling their potential when they go to Korea, how did NightEnD's level change when he went?

28:13 NightEnD's idea of good practice.

30:04 How does he assess his SC2 career so far in terms of placings?

30:47 Beating TaeJa at Dreamhack Valencia.

31:32 NightEnD's driving goal.

32:34 The problems he sees with Zerg and potential changes he would make.

33:59 The fnatic players' recent results.

35:53 Thoughts on aLive.

36:55 What is his idea of a good time when not practicing?  How suited would he be to the Korean practice lifestyle?

38:22 When will he stop competing?

39:03 Final message/outro


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