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MonteCristo 'Grilled'


Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, colour commentator for OnGameNet and analyst of Counter Logic Gaming, is the star of the 62nd episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

What did MonteCristo get out of the Guatemalan-Mayan initiation ritual he underwent over the span of a year?  What direction has he taken his commentating in?  What role do analysts play in Asian LoL?  Why did say, a few months ago, that China would win S3?  What makes MadLife the best LoL player to his mind?  What are his thoughts on teams recruiting players based on talent rather than to fit specific needs?  How do management in Korea put together teams?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds.


Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:22 Going from WC3 to LoL casting.

02:54 The one year Guatemalan-Mayan initiation ritual he underwent.

08:44 How his experience with the ritual has influenced or affected his approach to thinking and casting.

12:23 Improving oneself broadly, related to its effect on esports work.

15:24 What is his direction or approach to casting?

20:56 The approach of focusing on team compositions/strategy, as opposed to mechanics/maths/stats.

23:52 Thinking about the game on a high level and translating it to the audience.

29:56 Pro player knowledge compared to MonteCristo's own.

34:13 The role of Asian analysts.

39:32 Management deciding the roster, using the example of SK Telecom T1.

44:25 Recruiting players for specific needs, as opposed to based on their overall skill.  CLG as a key example.

49:09 The turnover of top players in Korea, compared to NA.

53:09 Is the level of mechanics higher overall in Korea?

56:40 Do Koreans have special methods for training/drilling mechanics?

1:00:46 Why were Frost so consistent, beyond even the other Korean teams?

1:04:43 MadLife - why MonteCristo thinks he is the best player in all of LoL.

1:09:03 The lore of MadLife, cooldown post-its and his special minion wave control client.

1:11:17 Koreans being ahead in understanding team compositions.

1:21:56 Is adapting a weakness of the top Korean teams?

1:25:29 Why, a few months ago, he thought China would produce the S3 champion.

1:29:14 Thoughts on TPA, TPS and Mistake's impact.

1:33:20 Gambit as the last hope of the West, the significance of losing Edward from their line-up.

1:36:52 The problem of people thinking his comparisons of NA with the Korean scene are bashing the NA scene.

1:40:30 Hypothetical: take all 8 LCS NA teams, lock their rosters for a year and give them the Korean infrastructure.  How many, in a year, would be able to compete with elite Korean teams?

1:42:31 Hypothetical: disband all 8 LCS NA teams, take the pool of players and create new teams, with the help of an expert.  Would that produce world contenders overnight?

1:47:35 Chances of Western teams at the S3 World Championship, what is reasonable?

1:51:02 Hypothetical: take last season's SKT Terminator and NaJin Shield, who both went out of OGN at the Ro8, and put them into LCs NA.  Would they dominate?

1:55:33 Hypothetical: Korea puts together a godlike all-star team, MonteCristo must create a team of NA and EU, combined, players to battle them, for the fate of the West.

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