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mandatorycloud 'Grilled'

 Zachary "mandatorycloud" Hoschar, Mid laner of XDG Gaming, is the star of the 90th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.  It will be the final episode of the 'Grilled' series, as I'll leave Team Acer to move to OnGamers at the end of November.  There I'll create a new long form interview series, under a different title.

How was his transition from online success to offline play?  How did playing  Froggen in 2012 have an effect on his approach to the game?  What would Vulcun have been with  Aphromoo as AD Carry instead of  Zuna?  How did him and Xmithie match-up, as a combo, against the EU jungle-mids?  Which Korean team plays the most like XDG?  Is NA weaker at the mid lane position than EU?

Time line of topics:

00:42 Intro

00:53 Was APictureofaGoose equivalent online to teams like CLG and TSM?

01:35 Transitioning from online to offline.

02:20 mTw.NA

03:51 Expectations offline during the early days.

04:39 Was there any resentment from the top teams due to beating them online but being bad offline?

05:16 Did he ever get good offers from top teams?

05:43 Was his skill level lower back in 2012?

06:05 Were the top NA players significantly above him?

06:58 Which of the top players stood out as being really good back then?

07:36 Froggen in his prime.

08:12 S2 being the era of the farmers, did that play a role in why he wasn't as prominent back then?

08:48 Does he have a special affinity for Mages?

09:13 Did he think any of his team-mates would make it far?

09:48 If they'd have kept one of the old players would they have made it as far?

10:35 How would Vulcun have been with Aphromoo instead of Zuna?

11:28 Xmithie's progression.

12:28 The impact of adding BloodWater.

13:10 The Liquipedia comment that BloodWater is the shot-caller.

13:34 Describing the shot-calling of XDG.

13:55 Comments on Vulcun having the best map control of NA teams.

14:36 The perception that XDG watches a lot of Korean games to take things from them.

14:57 Something they took from the Koreans.

15:48 The Korean team who plays the most like XDG.

16:07 LCS summer.

16:57 Is XDG a mid-centric team?

17:50 Thoughts on Cloud9's LCS success.

18:31 Why couldn't the other NA teams adapt to Cloud9?

18:57 How does Xmithie play against Meteos?

19:40 Cloud9 giving up buffs and mid lane farm to Meteos.  How that works vs. the European teams.

20:27 When he plays Cloud9 is it similar?

21:13 Thoughts on Xmithie-mandatory cloud vs. the jungle-mid combos of the other Group B teams.

22:12 What were the Gambit jungle-mid combo good at?

22:33 Are European mids a step above NA mids?

23:07 How did Ozone beat Vulcun twice?

24:02 Thoughts on Dade's performance at the S3WC.

24:43 Did he think fnatic were going to beat Cloud9?

24:59 Was the cloud9-fnatic series an accurate representation of both teams?

25:22 Playing xPeke.

26:11 Thoughts on fnatic running Teleport.

26:56 Did Vulcun have the right overall approach to their group stage games.

27:53 Throwing games repeatedly.

28:54 Is it incorrect for the team ahead to go for the baron, as opposed to using it to bait the opponents into a fight?

29:46 Thoughts on Ozone's approach to playing them.

30:48 Were they thrown off by Looper appearing in the game?

31:05 Ahri dominating group stage.

31:37 Oriana dominating playoffs.

32:17 Thoughts on Kassadin.

33:14 Fizz.

34:10 Was there anything different about the EU teams in terms of how their mid laners played?

34:59 Korean casters giving him props.

35:24 Did he feel his play was up to par?

35:50 People saying he is the best mid in NA.

36:33 Breaking down what he is good at, compared to other mids, and what they are better at.

38:28 Evaluating Faker.

39:14 High skilled players being aggressive, as a tendency.  Faker being able to adapt to the pacing of the game.

39:49 Thoughts on Wh1t3zZ from Royal.

40:33 Evaluating the fnatic-Royal mid lane match-up from the semi-final.

41:27 Is there a gap between the best Koreans and the best foreigners?

42:15 Is there any area of Faker's game where he is mortal?

43:10 Hypothetical: mandatorycloud has to come up with the approach for a team to allow them to beat Faker.

43:39 Having so little international competition.

44:13 Does he feel that XDG will finish top 4 at the next WC?

44:47 The perception that next season of LCS won't be c9 and XDG running the table again.

45:22 At the next world championship c9 and XDG will have identical rosters to now?

46:11 Based on pure skill are c9 and XDG comparable to all of the other LCS NA rosters.

47:38 The criticism that NA has enough star players, but they're spread out too much across the teams.

48:01 Hypothetical: create a super team from NA.

49:15 Hypothetical: what would Voyboy be like if he played mid?

50:05 Is there an up and coming NA mid who will be the next really good mid?

50:48 Why did they lose to TSM in the semi-finals of LCS?

51:43 Is it a problem that they won't have much stage experience for the next LCS?

52:33 Would XDG ever consider going to another country to get better practice?

53:46 How accurate a representation are scrims from official NA games?

55:14 Jatt's comments about his Dignitas not praccing TSM due to them trolling in scrims, to gain info.

56:37 How close are the amateurs to the bottom LCS teams?

57:13 Why won't XDG play amateur teams?

58:53 The theory that practicing the same opponents too much makes you very effective against them, but not so much against other teams.

59:44 Which Korean or European team is closest to Cloud9?

1:00:12 In one year from now XDG will definitely have overtaken Cloud9?

1:01:22 Hypothetical: Cloud9 finished 3rd in LCS Summer and were put in Group B at the S3WC.  Do they get out of the group and who would they beat?

1:02:31 Could an NA team be the world champion at the S4wc, realistically?

1:03:32 Are TSM a tier below XDG and Cloud9?

1:04:27 Reginald's playing style.

1:06:00 Did they scrim OMG?

1:06:48 Thoughts on Gragas at the S3WC.

1:07:35 Faker using builds that make no sense.

1:09:01 How close is mandatorycloud to maxing his potential?

1:10:15 Does he like the jungle changes in S3, as a mid laner?

1:11:04 Certian regions playing champions that others don't.

1:12:26 Hypothetical: If he was forced to switch positions, which would he pick?

1:13:10 Why did AD mids go away?

1:13:45 Doublelift's philosophy that you have to play the OP or the counters to the OP.

1:14:32 Hypothetical: aliens come to Earth, kill the rest of XDG and make mandatorycloud the leader a team of four Koreans, who must replicate the players they are replacing.

1:16:01 Doublelift's statement that Xmithie is as good or better than DanDy.

1:16:38 Final words/Outro.

Grilled is an interview series presented by Duncan -Thorin- Shields, former editor in chief at Team Acer. Each episode of the series is an in-depth interview with an eSports competitor or community figure, past or present.

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