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LucifroN post-WCS EU Ro16

WCS EU Premier League

 Pedro "LucifroN" Moreno Durán spoke to me after winning Group B of the WCS EU Premier League Ro16.  The Spaniard defeated  Nerchio and  Mvp en route to a Ro8 spot.
What does LucifroN think Zergs can do to counter hellbat abuse and why does he think Korean Terrans don't use them so much?  Was there any intimidation in facing Mvp?  Does LucifroN have any theory as to why he has struggled in the Ro8 stages of previous tournaments?  Why does he consider  ForGG the favourite for WCS Europe?


Time line of topics:
00:04 Intro
00:13 What kind of form was he in going into the group?
01:33 Thoughts on hellbat abuse and why Korean Terrans don't tend to use them as much.
02:40 Nerchio's chances to win against him in their games.
04:01 What can be done by Zergs against hellbats to counter them?
05:24 Was there any intimidation factor in facing Mvp?
06:17 What would he have done if he'd faced SaSe?
06:46 How accurate were the results of the other groups compared to how good the players are ATM?
08:15 How would he match-up vs. ForGG?
09:18 Why Happy didn't have big results in WoL.
10:14 Does HotS suit LucifroN better?
11:05 His history of having trouble once he tournament reaches the Ro8 and his theory as to why that is.
12:08 Thoughts on who will get out of Group D (Stephano, Feast, DIMAGA and ThorZaIN).
13:11 What he thinks of Koreans being allowed to compete in the other WCS regions.
14:05 Who is the overall favourite in the field left?
14:51 Why does HotS favour ForGG more?
15:38 Final words/outro
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