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Kas 'Grilled'


 Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda is the star of the 28th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

What does "The Machine" think of his habit of practicing so much?  Is it something he needs to do to be confident in himself?  What holds Kas back from winning tournaments?  Is he especially talented as a gamer?  What was it like to face  Mvp at WCG 2011 and IEM VII Cologne?  Why does he select  NightEnD as an example of a confident mindset?  Does Kas have a burning goal in SC2?


Time line of topics:

00:09 intro

00:19 His reputation of being "The Machine", playing every online cup and thousands of games.  Thoughts on playing so much.

01:25 Other players saying it's difficult to face Kas since his experience means he is prepared for almost every attack imaginable.

02:50 Some foreigners say they don't practice much, but still produce good results, so does that mean he needs to practice a lot to be confident?

04:52 Is he naturally talented as a gamer?

06:21 MrBitter being a big fan, is he justified in thinking Kas is so talented/good?

07:59 What holds him back from winning offline tournaments?

09:32 Do his semi-final and finals appearances feel like missed opportunities?  Is he the kind of person who reflects back on them a lot?

10:38 Has he looked into psychology or any other kind of approach to overcoming his problems at the deep stages of tournaments?

12:15 Examples of foreign players he thinks have a good mindset in terms of not being worried about who they are facing.

13:12 Since he beat NesTea and won maps off Mvp does that mean he wasn't nervous in those games?

14:18 In life outside of SC2 does he/did he get nervous?

15:39 How big is SC2 in Ukraine?  If we picked out 10 twelve year old kids off the street, how many would know the famous Ukrainian SC2 players?

17:15 Since people who don't practice can use that as an excuse for losses, does he ever worry that his level of practice could mean he has maxed out his level/potential?

19:09 Does he have a burning goal in SC2?

20:05 Picking out examples of the best Korean and best foreigner he's ever played in a match.

21:30 An imaginary question: aliens come to earth and make Kas the captain of team Earth, he picks players to rep Earth from different categories, the first being "Best mechanics".

22:18 Best micro/APM.

22:50 Best macro.

23:20 Best at doing a crazy comeback.

24:09 Most confident player.

24:54 Biggest dark horse.

25:47 final words/outro

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