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Jree 'Grilled'

 Alexander "Jree" Bergström, Support of Team ALTERNATE, is the star of the 78th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

How did Jree come to sub for CLG.EU at MLG Dallas in 2012?  Did he have to change his playing style to fit the CLG.EU approach?  What does he think of MadLife,   Xpecial, Edward, LemonNation and Chauster as Supports?  How does his bot lane with Creaton function?

Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:17 Was he trying to become a pro prior to becoming known for subbing in for CLG.EU at MLG Dallas?

01:07 How did he come to sub for CLG.EU?

01:59 How was CLG.EU able to place highly with a totally different player subbing?

03:13 How did he adapt to playing in CLG.EU?

03:46 Did he think to himself to play more passively than he usually does?

04:03 When they were knocked to the lower bracket was he thinking the experiment had failed?

05:20 Was there a learning curve to playing international teams?

06:00 Was he intiminated by playing big named teams?

06:55 Facing Blaze.

07:29 Thoughts on the Blaze players.

07:58 Getting to the semi-final of Dreamhack Winter.

08:53 Does he have any insight into beating CLG.EU from having subbed for them?

09:30 Describing yellowpete.

09:57 What happened to ALTERNATE in the LCS Spring qualifier?

11:21 How the team came to keep the same line-up, almost.

12:34 Did he get offers from good teams to join after his substitution for CLG.EU.

13:02 Beating Giants to qualify for LCS Summer.

14:08 How much did he know about Creaton prior to playing with him?

14:56 Creaton as an AD Carry.

16:03 Playing with Creaton in the botlane.

16:57 Is there a hierarchy in his botlane?

17:32 Does that differ from past botlanes he's been a part of?

17:43 Evaluting his vision control.

18:17 Has he watched much OGN?

18:25 What does he think of MadLife?

19:04 Timing cooldowns.

19:55 Which LCS NA Supports does he like?

20:29 Edward

21:02 His strengths.

21:22 The style of player he likes to watch.

22:33 Thresh as a dominant Support champion.

23:34 Will Thresh get nerfed?

24:03 Xpecial (TSM)

24:44 Chauster (CLG)

25:24 Hypothetical: Jree is paired with Doublelift in a botlane.

26:56 Is Doublelift a player who needs direction from his Support?

27:41 LemonNation (C9)

28:43 The impact of Creaton breaking his hand.

30:00 His team being soloq stars.

31:23 Could it be a weakness for his team to not have one set leader?

32:11 Have they ever considered having one shot caller?

33:11 Krepo (EG)

34:28 Gambit botlane.

35:24 Aliens come to Earth, forcing him to pick an all-Scandinavian superteam.

38:13 Final words/Outro.

Picture: Riot Games.

Grilled is an interview series presented by Duncan -Thorin- Shields, former editor in chief at Team Acer. Each episode of the series is an in-depth interview with an eSports competitor or community figure, past or present.

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