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imp 'Grilled'


Gu "imp" Sung-bin, AD Carry of MVP Ozone, is the star of the 64th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Why was he afraid to face Cpt Jack in the OGN Spring final?  How has Mata improved as a Support?  How much of MVP's OGN final win was the result of strategising?  Did MVP used to run a strategy similar to CLG's 'protect Doublelift'?  Does WeiXiao live up to the hype?  How has imp's approach to teamplay changed over time?

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:19 People considering MVP Blue the better MVP team in the past. When did Ozone become the best MVP team?

01:17 The scenario with KT B throwing to face MVP Ozone, and what changed from the group stage to the playoffs, to make them the best team.

02:45 Being an underdog in every playoff series, his statement saying they only had a 20% chance vs. Blaze and when he realised his team could win OGN.

04:23 Did MVP have a special plan vs. Blaze that they knew would work?

06:29 Blaze's seeming inability to adapt.

08:09 People comparing MVP Ozone's strategy in the past to CLG's 'protect Doublelift' approach.  What changed?

09:58 Is it true Korea was weaker for AD carry in the past?

11:11 The improvement of Mata.

12:37 Playing WeiXiao.

13:35 Comparisons with Doublelift.

15:18 Are China's AD carries the strongest?

16:09 Thoughts on Genja and how he'd fair against the world's best ADs.

17:25 How important are mechanics to AD?

18:43 Aliens come to Earth, destroy Korea and name imp the captain of a LoL team to decide the fate of the planet.  He must pick the players who would work well with him, but none of them may be Koreans.

21:03 Why he named so many IG players.

21:27 Final words/outro.

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