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HuK 'Grilled'


Chris "HuK" Loranger is the star of the 20th episode of my 'Grilled' video interview series.  HuK was considered the best foreigner in StarCraft2 for a span of a few months around the Summer and Autumn of 2011, having won Dreamhack Summer, HomeStory Cup III and MLG Orlando, also placing top eight in GSL Code S August.

How accurate is the portrayal of HuK as a one-dimensional player prior to going to Korea?  When was his peak as a StarCraft2 player?  Did he have a chance vs.  Mvp when they faced in the Ro8 of GSL Code S August?  How has his perception of PvP as a coinflip match-up and excuse for losses changed?  Did he burn out on SC2 in 2012?  Has the rise of Zerg been a significant factor in his dipping form?


Time line of topics discussed

00:09 Intro

00:21 When did HuK decide to go all-in on becoming a serious top player in SC2?

01:24 How did Korea change his game and confidence level?

02:33 Is the perception of him as a one-dimensional player pre-Korea fair?

03:21 Why does it take so long for foreigners to adjust to Korea?

05:01 When did he reach the level that he showed in tournaments like Dreamhack Summer 2011 and HSC?

06:21 Which period in his career was HuK at his peak?

07:36 Responses to criticisms of his tournament wins.

09:24 Going out of GSL losing to MC and Mvp in his two best Code S runs.

10:56 His history of blaming losses on PvP, calling it a coinflip, despite having also benefitted from winning PvPs vs. top players.

12:32 Does the rise of Zerg factor into his dip in form, which his worst match-up being PvZ?

13:52 Had he tapped out of hardcore play/practice earlier in 2012?

15:27 Has his potential tapped out since he has lived and practiced in Korea for so long?

16:27 Has being in EG put an unnecessarily harsh perspective on his results, relative to if he had remained in Liquid?

18:10 Final words/outro

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