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HasuObs 'Grilled'


 Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider is the star of the 27th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Would players like NaNiwa,  SaSe and  Stephano have become top WC3 players if SC2 hadn't come out?  How does WC3 compare to SC2 in terms of balance, map rotations and opportunities for newer players to break into the scene?  How does the plight of Zerg in the days of Terran dominance compare to Terran now in the Zerg era?  Is Protoss skillcapped?  Would HasuObs consider becoming a full-tiome analytical caster?

Time line of topics:

00:09 intro

00:16 How good was he as a competitive WC3 player?  Who was better than him?

02:15 Would the young WC3 players who became successful SC2 players (Stephano, NaNiwa, SaSe) have become top players in WC3 if SC2 had never come out?

05:06 LucifroN being considered a patch-Orc in WC3, being called "LuckyfroN", but now becoming a top SC2 player in Europe.

07:04 Comparing SC2 and WC3 in terms of breaking into the scene as a newer player.

09:42 Comparing how rarely maps changed in WC3 to SC2.

12:06 WC3 being very obvious in terms of how the games would play out.

17:15 Should Blizzard intervene regularly?  Using the reference point of Orc imbalance in WC3.

22:14 People's excuses for Terran imbalance in early SC2 and now Zerg late in SC2.

27:27 Is it an exaggeration to say that in the early days to beat a good Terran you had to be a genius level Zerg and now vice-versa, in the Zerg era?

31:47 qxc's theory that Terran just reached their potential earlier, hence so much success as a race, and whether Zerg is more figured out now, in terms of even lesser players knowing how to play.

34:59 NightEnD's theory that Protoss is skillcapped.

37:00 Is Rain more skilled than MC?

38:33 Socke saying that the Protoss deathball hasn't been so powerful for a year.

42:02 ZvZ being very variable in results.

44:31 How objective is HasuObs?  How about most pros?

47:49 Since HasuObs has a good mind for the game, wouldn't it be a good fit for him to become an analytical caster full-time, as opposed to keep playing as a pro?

50:10 final words/outro

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