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Genja 'Grilled'


 Evgeny "Genja" Andryushin, AD Carry of Gambit Gaming, is the star of the 70th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.  This subtitled interview delves deep into the philosophies and thoughts of the mysterious Russian player.

Were M5 ever close to kicking players in the past?  How did he come up with the 1v2 Urgot lane he used against Dignitas in early 2012?  How did Genja's famous positioning develop?  What are his thoughts on  Edward's aggressive playing style?  Is Genja willing to compromise when playing with his Support?  How does he counter arguments that he is too passive?  What is the thinking behind building three Doran's blades?

Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:17 The pre-Empire/M5 era where Alex Ich, Darien and Genja played in teams together, but kept splitting apart.

02:34 Did winning keep the line-up together?  Would they have removed a player if they'd lost IEM Hannover in 2012?

03:55 Did they ever consider removing Edward or another player previously?

05:38 Western fans thinking of Genja as the "brains" of Gambit, due to Diamondprox's statements and the outcome of All-Stars.

08:05 The approach to banning/picking against the ADs of Blaze and Frost at IEM Katowice.

10:24 His Urgot 1v2 lane against Dignitas in early 2012.

13:13 How Genja developed his famous positioning and associated philosophy on how to play the game.

15:25 Was the relationship between Edward and Genja one of creative tension?

18:23 Was Edward being aggressive, and more willing to gamble, beneficial for the team?

19:36 Edward saying that if Genja could kill an enemy using heal and flash, just surviving, then he wouldn't do it.

21:46 His joke that "killing is a support's primary role, I can ward if need be".

22:58 His joking advise that ADs should love their support players, else the support might leave and they'll be left with nothing.  Is there truth behind the joke?

24:07 Did he have a friendly relationship with Edward?

25:09 Is there a botlane he can think of who show the kind of in-game and out-of-game synergy that he previously described?

27:05 Darker saying that if Genja tells a Support to ward/check a bush, then they had better do it, else Genja will check it himself and die, to teach them they must do what he says.

29:47 Is Genja willing to compromise with his Support on how to play?

31:32 Voidle saying Genja picks his champions to allow Alex Ich or Darien to carry the game.

33:48 Explaining the philosophy behind building three Doran's blades.

36:19 Rushing to Phantom Dancer in early 2012, but now going a different direction than attack speed items.

37:47 Many AD Carries play similarly and building similar items.  Does Genja have a set plan on when to buy what or is he playing according to the game at that moment?

39:29 If Genja were in a team where they farmed him up, Doublelift style, would he shine?

42:18 Based on games played against him, did Doublelift live up to his hype?

44:29 Genja's own perception of himself.  Does he see himself as a player who is significantly different to other AD Carries?

46:18 Aliens come to Earth, kill the rest of Gambit and make Genja recreate the classic M5 line-up, using other pro players.

48:46 Final words/Outro.

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