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fredy122 'Grilled'


 Simon "fredy122" Payne, Top laner of against All authority, is the star of the 50th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Is it mere coincidence that when he lost to GSU, containing all four of his current team-mates, in the past and now plays with all of them in aAa?  How does he compare sOAZ and Wickd?  If his team doesn't possess star power names then how are they performing so well?  How important is mid in the current meta in Europe?  What all-star team of bottom four team players could match-up with an all-star team from the top four?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds


Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:19 His first competitive teams.

01:15 Facing GSU, which featured all four of his current aAa team-mates.

02:12 Was the chemistry particularly good between them in the past, thus why they reformed that ex-GSU core?

03:02 How does he compare to the top laner who used to play with GSU?

03:52 How in-depth in the communication in LoL?

04:58 Are there ever any issues with shot-calling, due to having four French players?

05:14 Is there only English communication in the team in-game?  Do they ever talk to each other in French?

05:45 How much is he left on his own?  Is it easier to be the non-French guy at top?

06:26 Does aAa play any kind of special setup for his top lane?

07:19 How does he personally balance out calling for help at top and playing more passive or trying to go even?

08:15 The perception that fredy122 carries aAa.

09:07 How strong is the mid in Europe in the meta ATM?

09:58 How does aAa use the mid, being as ShLaYa is not as individually strong as players like Froggen and Alex Ich?

10:37 Are the European star players the mids or do the teams build in advance around mid players?

11:37 The best European top laners.

12:48 Has he needed to change his style at top?

13:53 Comparing sOAZ and Wickd.

14:50 How does he match-up with the best Top laners in EU?

16:00 Where do the other top laners in EU rank?

16:28 Where does SK's Kev1n rank?

17:11 Good Top laners who aren't in LCS.

18:23 Does he watch LCS NA or OGN?  Does he consider it important to scout other regions?

19:28 Asian Top laners who stand out for him.

19:54 The Bo1 nature of the LCS regular season.

20:41 How accurate has the regular season been of how good the teams all are ATM?

21:34 Thoughts on SK's season.

22:15 Before getting into LCS did his team ever practice Gambit/M5 online?

22:31 Gambit's secret training methods.

23:20 Whether there was much of an advantage to getting a gaming house in Cologne for LCS.

24:29 If it's difficult to get scrims and break into the top tier of LoL.

25:49 LCS EU Summer Season potentially being even stronger.

27:36 Thoughts on the relegation element of LCS.

28:27 Since his team have been doing decently, but doesn't have star power names, what do they possess to allow for that?

29:19 The UK scene.

30:19 The change in aAa's form before bringing in Dioud.

31:13 Playing with Snoopeh, Krepo and Yellowpere in La GG.

32:10 Is Gambit a step ahead of the other EU teams on LAN in playoff series formats?

33:09 What do Gambit have that is special?

34:07 fredy122 must create an all-star line-up of players from the bottom four of the European LCs, to face an all-star team of players from the top four teams.

35:53 Final words/outro

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