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ForGG 'Grilled'


Park "ForGG" Ji Soo is the subject for the 10th episode of my 'Grilled' interview feature.  Millenium's Korean Terran is most famous for his time as a BW pro in South Korea, and the eventual runner-up of Dreamhack Open Valencia talks about his past and transition to SC2 competition.

How did him and Jaedong being team-mates affect the outcome of their finals match-up in the Arena MSL of 2008?  Is Flash the best BW player ever?  How do Korean BW team houses compare to those in SC2?  Why did ForGG develop his style of timing attack play?  Which Korean BW player, who wasn't a star, does he think can be a top SC2 player?  Now he plays for a foreign team, will ForGG become more extravagant and perform ceremonies etc.?  Why did his results dip after his initial entry into SC2?

Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:19 Memory of beating Jaedong in the Arena MSL final.

00:57 Effect of being a team-mate of Jaedong's on his MSL victory.

01:45 Timing attack style.

02:24 Being a part of KT Rolster with Flash.

03:22 Flash and Jaedong off-camera vs. on-camera.

03:57 How hard schedule in Korean BW pro house is vs. SC2 house.

05:05 Why he joined a foreign team.

05:52 Dip in results after initial period in SC2.

07:05 Thoughts on players like Mvp, MKP and NesTea being top SC2 players since they were worse than him at BW.

07:58 Will all top BW players eventually be good at SC2?

08:47 Which Korean BW player, who wasn't a star, will be a top SC2 player?

09:33 Who is the greatest BW player of all time?

10:11 Is there a favourite Terran ForGG looked up to or enjoyed the style of?

10:32 Losing to VortiX at IEM VII Cologne.

11:21 Who is the best foreign player he's faced?

11:45 Will ForGG become more out-going and give the fans big ceremonies?

12:27 Should ForGG be considered a KeSPA player or an eSF player?

12:58 Will he ever go back to playing for a Korean SC2 team like a KeSPA team?

13:28 Final words, in English, for fans.


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