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Feast 'Grilled'


Jérémy "Feast" Vansnick, of Millenium, is the star of the 24th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

How confident was Feast at tournaments early on in his SC2 career?  Is it true that a lot of foreign Protoss gamble a lot?  What does he think of PartinG and Creator?  What are his opinions on  NaNiwa,  monchi and MaNa?  Who will be the best Korean Protoss in one year?  What draws Feast to blink play?  What impressed him so much about Rain's play?  Why didn't he understand MC's success?  Is the Protoss deathball no longer deserving of hype?

Time line of topics:

00:09 intro

00:18 Breakout performance at IEM VI Kiev, could he have gone further?

02:03 IEM VI Sao Paolo, what stopped him from going further than the Ro8?

03:59 Getting owned by MMA in the 3rd place decider of the IEM VI World Championship, in a rematch from Kiev.

05:22 Does he look back on the first part of his career as successful?

06:33 Does he think back on his early successful period in terms of what he was doing and trying to get back there?

07:16 How confident was he at his first offline events?

09:15 What did he take from being in the same team as Stephano and ForGG?

11:10 Is it bullshit when Stephano says he doesn't practice at all?

12:01 The example of Stephano saying he didn't play prior to WCS EU.  Does that mean Stephano is unusually talented compared to the other foreigners?

12:57 What attracts him to blink play?

14:17 NightEnD's statement that some top protoss players don't deserve to be there, since the level of micro etc. is capped out to some degree and the superior player can't show he is superior in the game?

15:37 Benifitting from PvP in his career.

17:13 How strong is the immortal all-in?

19:22 People's criticisms that foreign protoss player gamble a lot and take risks constantly.

21:50 Korean Protosses being able to handle Korean Zergs with superior execution.

23:43 Thoughts on PartinG, Rain and Creator.

25:23 Betting on who will be the best Protoss in the world one year from now.

25:57 Thoughts on MC.

27:11 NaNiwa's recent problems.

28:17 Where does NaNiwa rank amongst European Protoss.

28:45 MaNa

30:07 Comparing MaNa and NaNiwa to the top Korean Protoss players.

30:53 Do they have any strengths that are comparable to the top Koreans?

31:18 Are MaNa and NaNiwa are good as Creator?

31:35 Thoughts on monchi.

32:46 Has the recent patch nerfed Zerg enough?  Has it helped Protoss?

33:51 Are carriers viable vs. Zerg?

35:03 Socke's opinion that the strength of the Protoss deathball has been overhyped for a year.

36:32 The most unstoppable players he has faced, for each of the matchups.

38:06 The best Zerg and Protoss he has played against.

38:54 An opponent he would like to face, who he hasn't faced before?

40:24 Is there a moment he thinks of fondly?

41:27 Where will Feast be in a year?

42:22 final words/outro

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