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Dyrus 'Grilled'


 Marcus "Dyrus" Hill, top laner for Team SoloMid, is the star of the 38th episode of my  'Grilled' interview series.

Could Epik Gamer have won S1?  Was that team a legitimate top two NA team back then?  How did he come to join TSM and what kind of role does he play within the team?  How does he compare his top laning to the best non-NA top laners?  Was his performance at all a factor in TSM's struggles against Asian teams?  Why is the concept of mastering 3-4 champions a key for Dyrus now?  Which top laner would he trust with his life?

Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:23 Epik Gamer beating aAa and fnatic, eventual finalists, in the S1 group stage.  Could they have won that tournament?

02:00 How does he think back on the Epik period?  Was it not an issue coming 2nd or 3rd so many times?

05:04 Was Epik legitimately top 2 in NA during that time period?

06:24 Was his success with Chicks Dig ELO, winning WCG, anything to do with him being brought into TSM in early 2012?

08:20 Was there ever a time period where Dyrus thinks he was definitely the best NA top laner?

12:15 If CLG-Dignitas-Curse didn't do the triple switch would they have been stronger?

13:14 Did the triple switch play a role in TSM dominating NA for S2?

14:44 Was NA on top early on due to the servers being added to the other regions later?

16:10 How much did his performance play in TSM's struggles against the non-NA teams?

22:02 TSM not studying Asian teams prior to the S2 finals.

28:32 How important is the concept of mastering only 3-4 compared to being amazing at a couple or trying to play a lot, i.e. 10?

31:11 Is it the NA mindset in the top lane to focus on individual skill and 1v1ing?

36:32 The differences between Western and Eastern cultures, related to shot-calling and leadership.

42:48 How does he relate his performance in the top lane to top Korean top laners like Reapered, Maknoon etc., who are the focal points of their teams?  Was he outplayed at all?

49:41 Hypothetical question:  if he had to pick a top laner to play for the life of him and his family, held captive by the mob/mafia, who would he trust to save his life?

53:33 Final words/outro


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