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Doublelift 'Grilled' (2nd appearance)

 Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, AD Carry of Counter Logic Gaming, is the star of the 85th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Is Doublelift jealous of AD Carries who get to play with really good Supports?  What makes him so critical of Gambit's  Genja?  What would it be like if Doublelift was paired with  MadLife?  What is his reply to the perception that his team is set-up to make him look the best in the team?  What does he make of Royal's  uzi?  How has his relationship, as a player, changed with  Chauster over the years?

Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:36 The relationship of the Chauster-Doublelift botlane in its first incarnation.

02:13 Why the relationship changed.

04:23 How good was the first Chauster-Doublelift botlane?

06:06 Should they have kept that botlane in place?  Would Chauster have been in a similar position now anyway?

09:13 The experience of playing with Xpecial at the All-Star game.

12:09 Did playing with Xpecial change his perspective on Wildturtle?

13:13 How good was Chaox in S2?

13:43 A story that Doublelift got offers to join TSM.

15:37 Does Doublelift need is Support to babysit him and think for him?

17:00 What he needs from a Support for his play to be the best it can be.

17:59 Froggen saying Doublelift runs into CC.

18:58 Hypothetical: what if he could play with one of the best Supports?

20:04 Playing with MadLife.

20:56 Doublelift's options of going to a Korean team in S2.

22:13 Does he have a philosophy of how ADC should be played?

24:07 Thoughts on uzi.

25:14 Why didn't the 'protect the Doublelift' style work for CLG?

26:30 Why didn't CLG accept the 'protect the Doublelift' style and why didn't they recruit a really good Support player?

29:34 Does it not worry him that a player like imp can be neutralised if his team does poorly?

30:54 Styles of team, in terms of composition.

32:44 Thoughts on Genja.

34:05 Genja as innovator.

34:50 Genja's three Doran's blades builds.

36:10 Other pros saying Genjas positioning is really good in team-fights.

37:57 Thoughts from having played Genja.

39:27 Creaton as a good EU ADC.

40:43 Thoughts on WeiXiao right now.

41:51 NaMei (formerly Devil), ADC of Positive Energy.

43:03 Korean ADCs (imp, PraY and Piglet)

44:06 His theory that you must play the OP AD champions or their counters.

45:40 If champs like Vayne were nerfed would he really abandon them?

46:52 Peers having the perception that Doublelift only wanted to play mechanically demanding champions.

48:16 Rekkles.

49:43 Questions about his set-up: his past using attack-move bound to his mouse.

51:17 Does he ever use attack-move now?

51:59 Do other ADCs use attack-move?

52:41 Does Doublelift smartcast?

53:52 His comments that time slows down and his ability to be composed in team-fight scenarios where he is required to be mechanically perfect.

55:08 His perception of himself for never having won a LAN.

57:00 As the star player, why doesn't he demand the players he wants around him?

59:03 His statements in the CLG documentary about how they had to do whatever it took to be the best for the S3WC.

1:00:38 Does CLG still believe in the "potential" approach of position swaps?

1:01:56 The perception that Doublelift looks good cos his team is setting him up.

1:03:14 Does Doublelift's play keep CLG afloat?

1:04:03 Nien and Link as threats.

1:05:33 The last CLG line-up's problems with objective-based play.

1:07:43 The only time CLG had someone who wanted to be the shot-caller was with Saintvicious.

1:08:21 Better to have a bad plan than no plan.

1:09:23 Chauster's shot-calling.

1:10:43 Wasn't the Saintvicious line-up of CLG really good in-game?

1:13:24 If CLG hadn't gone to Korea could the Saintvicious line-up have worked for longer?

1:15:19 Does he ever feel jealous of other ADs, who have amazing Support players?

1:16:21 Does the ADC have to be mechanically good to be a good player?

1:18:00 Giving an example of a good player whose mechanics aren't good.

1:18:49 CLG Documentary statements about their cheese potentially allowing them to win the S2WC.

1:20:31 The proxying and TP Promote strategies.  Could they have worked?

1:21:22 Is Froggen the best EU mid by far?

1:22:44 His comments that EU would be weaker than NA, prior to the S3WC.

1:24:59 Him saying that Vulcun would get out of Group B of the S3WC.

1:25:55 Statement that Xmithie is better than DanDy.

1:27:00 What if Cloud9 could have played any of the other 3 teams in the Ro8?

1:28:21 Why didn't CLG recruit from Europe?

1:29:43 MonteCristo as coach.

1:31:33 The top five ADCs in the world, right now.

1:32:47 CLG will place top 4 at the S4WC.

1:34:10 Hypothetical: Doublelift must create the ultimate Asian team, which would crush the Western regions.

1:35:52 Final words/Outro.

Grilled is an interview series presented by Duncan -Thorin- Shields, former editor in chief at Team Acer. Each episode of the series is an in-depth interview with an eSports competitor or community figure, past or present.

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