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Doublelift 'Grilled'


 Peter "Doublelift" Peng, AD Carry for CLG Prime, is the star of the 17th episoide of my 'Grilled' interview feature.  The American discusses the strengths of the different regions of the world relative to specific team positions, his own team's history of player changes and the way his persona is received.
Are his mechanics the best in LoL?  Why does he think Europe has the best mids?  Why does he think Support takes more skill to play than AD Carry?  What would his career have been like if he hadn't met  Chauster?  What is so special about Chauster that others aren't seeing in-game?  How does he compare  HotshotGG's jungling to  SaintVicious'?  Why does he think CLG turned  Voyboy from the best top laner into a second rate top laner in their team?  What are HotshotGG's unique strengths?


Time line of topics
00:10 intro
00:28 Are his mechanics the best?
01:10 Other LoL pros telling me his mechanics are better than even the Asians.
01:58 What is the role of mechanics in LoL in terms of impacting the game?
03:03 Does he specifically practice his mechanics and fundamental skills?
03:43 Why isn't he motivated to practice more?
04:45 Top Quake pros practicing against lesser opponents, just going over technique.
06:44 For the best mechanical players tend to congregate around a few specific positions?
07:31 A comment he made on an AMA about playing support requiring more skill than playing AD Carry.
08:45 Does the casual fan understand the importance of the support?
09:22 What was the thinking in bringing Locodoco into the team and changing his position?
11:03 What does he envision from how Locodoco will play the position?  What does he have to do to make the team successful?
12:12 What does he think of former team-mate NyJacky?
13:55 Doublelift's persona.
15:22 Losing in the quarter-finals of both of the OGN tournaments, but to the eventual winners.  Thoughts on those periods in Korea looking back with today's context.
17:28 If they recruited voyboy to be their top lane then does that imply he's a better top laner than HotshotGG?  What was the thinking behind the move?
18:15 What was voyboy doing differently or better in dignitas in comparison to CLG?
19:14 How did HotshotGG's jungling compare to SaintVicious'?
20:16 Comparing the structured identity of LoL teams with NBA franchises operating under the salary cap, what is CLG's basic identity and fundamenttals?
22:26 Why does he think the European region has the best mids in the role?
24:35 How the other positions break down amongst the regions, in terms of who has the best.
26:05 What are the weaknesses of Asians, or things they don't do as well as some of the other regions?
27:29 An old AMA quote about niche champions being better than standard champions, with the right comps.
28:44 A quote he said after being eliminated from the last OGN tournament, saying TSM would have done better than CLG if they'd gone.
30:38 TSM as one of the teams who haven't experienced the Asian scene up close, and thus don't fully recognise how good the Asians are.
31:48 Who else is actually good in NA, and isn't in his team or hasn't been in the past few months, who he can give props to?
33:26 What would Doublelift's career have been like in the alternate universe in which he didn't play with Chauster?
34:55 What don't people know/see about Chauster's intelligent/in-game smarts?
36:07 Is there anyone out there who is a mind of similar quality to Chauster?
36:54 Comparing the organisational approach of Koreans/Asians to CLG.
38:37 What are the core strengths of HotshotGG?  What does he do that nobody else does?
40:21 Shouldn't CLG have been capable of being the best at one point in time, due to having had the likes of himself, HotshotGG and Voyboy?  What held them back?
41:41 Picking out one series that was the perfect example of him and his team playing at their best.
42:50 Final words/outro.
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