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Diamondprox 'Grilled'


 Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov, jungler of Gambit Gaming, is the star of the 46th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Which does Diamondprox consider the superior jungler out of TheOddOne and Saintvicious?  Why are so few able to mimic his style of counter-jungling?  What did he make of inSec after facing him at MLG?  If he woke up tomorrow as the jungler of SK Gaming, could he still shine individually?  What did he mean with some of his past statements about TPA and Frost?

[Note: Apparently there were some translation errors, so some corrections can be found here]

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:18 The popular perception that TheOddOne was in any way involved with creating counter-jungling.

01:35 Thoughts on TheOddOne as a jungler, after facing him at the first two IEM events of 2012.

02:09 Thoughts on Saintvicious as a jungler, having faced him when he was in CLG.NA.

02:45 The consensus opinion that jungling is stronger in S3, compared to S2.

04:04 Why few junglers have been able to copy Diamnondprox's counter-jungling style and whether he possesses some special sense for the game.

06:00 Thoughts on inSec as a jungler, having face his KT Rolster B team at MLG Dallas.

07:32 Chauster's opinion that junglers can't be directly compared one-to-one, due to that position being an extension of the other four roles.  If Diamondprox woke up tomorrow as the jungler for SK would he still shine individually?

09:28 Whether Diamondprox has always considered himself the best jungler, in comparison to many players trying to seem humble in public.

11:35 How good his map awareness is, whether there are specific techniques for refining this aspect of play.

13:19 Losing to TPA in the semi-final of the S2 World Championship and making this comment that "[they] have that style of play so that when you're inferior to their basic trainings it's impossible to win".

14:59 Another quote "You can't call yourself a jungler if you haven't mastered Lee Sin".  Does this still apply?

16:04 Making a statement, at IEM VII Katowice, that the Korean teams (Frost and Blaze) had AD Carries who could only play two champions.

17:43 Picking out a game, from his whole career, that Diamondprox and Moscow Five played ideally.

18:33 Aliens come to Earth when Diamondprox is on holiday in NA and destroy all of Europe, killing everyone.  He is made the captain of team Earth and must create his line-up using only players from NA, SEA, China, Korea and possibly himself.

22:01 Final words/outro

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