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Deficio 'Grilled'

 Martin "Deficio" Lynge, former Support player and current Manager of Ninjas in Pyjamas, is the star of the 87th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Was it ever planned for him to become a permanent Support player for Wolves?  What are his thoughts on  YellowStar's transition to Support?  Who is the best Support in Europe?  It is true that  Bjergsen carried the game for Wolves and NiP?  What are his thoughts on Korean Supports ( MadLife,  Mata and  PoohManDu)?  What are  Genja's weaknesses and strengths?

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:15 Why Deficio was originally the manager of Wolves, rather than a player.

01:53 Why become a player?  Was it always planned to be a permanent move?

04:06 The transition into picking up the Support position.

05:39 Thoughts on YellowStar's change to Support.

06:47 Is YellowStar better as a Support than nRated was?

08:04 Examples of subtleties in Support players.

09:55 The style of him and TheTess during the Wolves era.

11:10 Why the roster change had to be made at the beginning of the NiP era.

14:07 extinkt coming in as the Top laner.

15:55 extinkt retiring.

17:38 His botlane relationship with Freeze.

19:20 The balanace of using play-making Support champs and more passive protective champs.

21:46 Playing all of the three Gambit botlanes.

23:37 Thoughts on Genja as an AD, in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

26:12 Thoughts on Genja's builds, such as the three doran's blades.

27:42 Genja's positioning.

29:03 Reasoning for getting Kev1n and HyrqBot to help Bjergsen.

32:04 What Deficio will have to do for the other players in the team.

33:35 The perception that Bjergsen carried Wolves and NiP.

34:51 The mid-Jungler synergy.

35:57 Was there a difference in playing the LCS playoffs from the regular seasons?

38:09 Thoughts on Lemondogs at the S3WC.

40:48 Thoughts on fnatic and Gambit at the S3WC.

42:17 Conclusions based on EU LCS finishing 6:3 over NA LCS.

44:02 Why mid lane is the focal point of the current meta.

45:48 What are the real differences between the EU mids?

47:59 Who is the best Support in Europe?

49:14 Picking another player who has never played Support before who could make the switch to that position.

51:46 How Cloud9 would have done against Gambit, SKT or OMG.

52:31 Had he watched much Chinese LoL?

54:03 The perception that some of the Chinese picks would never work.

55:50 China as an AD-centric region.

57:20 Mata's problems at the S3WC.

1:00:13 PoohManDu (SKT)

1:01:29 fnatic's vision control.

1:03:44 Western teams copying Korean picks and styles.  How does he evaluate himself in his ability to bring in Korean influences?

1:07:02 Aliens come to Earth, kill the rest of NiP and force Deficio to create a Western team of only new school players.

1:11:40 Final words/Outro.

Grilled is an interview series presented by Duncan -Thorin- Shields, former editor in chief at Team Acer. Each episode of the series is an in-depth interview with an eSports competitor or community figure, past or present.

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