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Creaton 'Grilled'


 Jakub "Creaton" Grzegorzewski, AD Carry of Team ALTERNATE, is the star of the 66th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Why couldn't the Curse.EU line-up that beat M5 at TotL stay together?  How has Creaton's career always been cursed with personality problems in his teams?  What is his opinion of   Genja as an AD Carry?  Could an all-Polish team be a top 3 European team?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds


Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:19 Playing in in 2012.

01:32 The members of all going on to bigger things, could they have been a top team if they'd stayed together?

02:48 Losing to SK's line-up with Araneae and YellowStar.

04:03 Why couldn't Curse.EU stay together, after beating M5?

05:53 Did they know they would beat M5 at Tales of the Lane?

06:40 The key to them beating M5.

07:43 The strength of Curse.EU, taking personalities out of the equation.

08:47 Did losing in the group stage of Dreamhack Winter cause Curse to break up?

09:38 Curse's problems with not getting a team house.

10:43 Is it true they hadn't played with Patoy prior to beating TSM at IPL5?

11:28 Facing CLG.NA and Doublelift in the upper bracket of IPL5.

12:25 Doublelift's mechanics compared to his own.

13:19 Millenium being the same story as his past teams in terms of problem personalities.

14:06 Why couldn't Millenium qualify for LCS?

15:18 Did he improve around LCS summer or was he always as good?

16:29 What would have been different if he'd not broken his hand?

17:25 Playing with teams of solo q stars.

18:27 Facing MadLife.

19:24 Comparing the skill level of Dota to LoL.

20:31 Prefering S3 to S2.

21:43 Ezreal as his best champion.

22:33 Korean ADs.

23:23 Europeans have a more diverse choice of champions during a season.

24:31 Facing Genja.

26:00 The difference between playing Genja with Edward and the other Supports.

26:51 Thoughts on Rekkles.

27:44 Makler (AD of MYM)

28:27 Could you make a top three European team just purely from Polish players?

29:29 Aliens come to Earth, Creaton is the captain of a team which must be composed purely of Poles.

31:11 Final words/Outro

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