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Clash of the Titans - Jaedong vs. Bomber

Two Starcraft 2 titans battle it out in WCS America
WCS America’s Ro 32 Group D was the single group that many Starcraft 2 fans had anticipated from the first stage of Premier League. Two well renowned and prestigious players, Red Bull's Terran   Bomber and Zerg   EG.Jaedong, battled it out head on to secure a spot in the Ro 16.
 February 26, 2014, Ro 32 Group D
1.  Arthur2-04-1
2.  Bomber2-15-2
3.  Has1-22-5
4.  Jaedong0-21-4

This isn’t the first time Choi Ji Sung (Bomber) and Lee Jae Dong(Jaedong) have encountered each other; at IEM Cologne qualifiers, JD defeated the Terran 2-1, but Bomber shouldn't be underestimated. He was able to dominate the WCS Season 2 Global Finals against Jaedong by score of 4-0, despite Jaedong not encountering a single TvZ match and having the chance to study Bomber's TvZ games throughout the event.


Game 1 | Map: Frost

The first game kicked off on Frost, where both players decided to go into a quick macro game. JD kicked it off with a hatch first, pool and fast gas, placed in the northern region of the map. Bomber decided to go with his CC first on the high ground into a very fast third Command Center. Bomber was playing a game of risk with his decision to build his third base as the wall off to his natural. Although Jaedong was initially left to drone freely and secure both a quick spire and a fourth base, the Zerg stood no chance to Bomber's even upgrades and a powerful bio mine army that came sooner than expected. As the persistent reinforcements constantly stepped onto JD's doorstep, the overwhelmed Zerg had no choice but to tap out.

Maybe this isn't good idea to drop...AHH screw it!


Game 2 | Map: Heavy Rain

Game two was played on Heavy Rain, where Terran   Bomber decided to take advantage of the map’s abundant ledges with a successful proxy reaper into expand build. Zerg   Jaedong opted for the fast drone scout, as he did not want to take any chances and lose the match due to some kind of cheese. Jaedong chooses to play it safe with 15 pool. Unfortunately, three reapers manage to snag a few drones and a queen, but JD persists as he managed to catch up in economy. Despite a few good baneling connections, the banelings were no match for Bomber's splits. Jaedong's overcommitment in the last few fights proved costly to his army count. Once again, Bomber's brilliant macro overwhelmed JD, landing a killing blow that allows Bomber to sweep the series cleanly 2:0. 

More reinforcements?..Just what I wanted...

The two players showed us great games. Congratulate @SC2Bomber for making it through to the Ro 16 and give some nice words of encouragement for @EGJaedong for making it this far! This is definitely not the end for Jaedong, as he will still compete in the next season!


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