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Chaox 'Grilled'


 Shan "Chaox" Huang, former AD Carry of Team SoloMid, is the star of the 59th episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

What role did Chaox play in TSM strategically?  How would he describe his working relationship with Reginald in 2012?  Could Xpecial player other roles if he wanted to?  How does Doublelift now compare to the pre-CLG Doublelift?  Which Chinese AD carries compare to  WeiXiao?  What are the different competitive leagues of Asia like in comparison to the LCS?  How should Chaox be remembered as a competitive player?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:17 The S1 Championship.

01:53 The effect of moving into a gaming house in New York in late 2011.

03:39 Were TSM ever the best team in the world?

05:26 The effects of Woong looking at the big screen on TSM's loss to Frost at the S2 World Championship.

08:07 What set TSM apart from the other NA teams in 2012.

10:23 What did Koreans do that made them so difficult for TSM?

12:48 Chaox's role in the team strategically.

15:56 Chaox's innovations/contributions to LoL play.

17:25 Reginald's shot-calling.

19:11 The creative tension between Reginald and Chaox.

21:15 The TSM botlane with Xpecial.

23:07 Describing the TSM botlane good and its style.

25:47 Xpecial's potential to play other roles (mid, top)

28:07 The viability of role and position swaps.

30:06 The 2012 Doublelift-Chauster botlane.

31:56 Dyrus' impact on TSM.

34:00 TheOddOne's role in TSM.

36:20 MVP award for NA S2 Regionals.

39:00 Comparing Doublelift pre-CLG and during his prime in CLG.

41:11 Does Doublelift compare to the best ADs in the world?

46:20 Genja from M5.

48:14 Which Asian AD carries stood out before he went there?

52:07 Chinese AD Carries.

54:08 Which AD carries are close to WeiXiao?

55:30 Describing the competitive leagues of the different Asian countries (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea)

1:00:55 What did the Asian players think of the level of the NA teams?

1:02:06 Does he agree with their view?

1:05:35 Will NA ever be as harsh as Korea in terms of roster moves?

1:06:47 Is there a part of him wants to find an opportunity to play for a top team?

1:10:07 How should Chaox the competitive LoL player be remembered?

1:11:52 Aliens come to earth, kill the current TSM members and commission Chaox to create a line-up which can mimic TSM 2012.  He picks other players to play the other members' roles.

1:17:58 Final words/outro.

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