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Candy Panda 'Grilled'


 Adrian "Candy Panda" Wübbelmann, AD Carry of SK Gaming, is the star of the 52nd episode of my 'Grilled' interview series.

Could SK have continued on with Wickd and Snoopeh in 2011?  Why does he think   Doublelift is overrated?  What is it like to face the Gambit and Frost botlanes?  Does he think EG's botlane has gone downhill in S3?  What is Nyph's style?  What is  WeiXiao so good at?

The audio version of this episode will be available in a day or two, via iTunes or the rss feeds.

Time line of topics:

00:09 Intro

00:17 The first three IEMs in 2011 and bringing Snoopeh in.

01:08 Facing CLG at each of the three IEMs, thoughts on their team.

02:07 Snoopeh and Wickd leaving SK, was it possible they could have remained?

03:27 Did Snoopeh and Wickd play the style they were known for in S2 back when they were in SK?

04:13 Facing Doublelift when he was in Curse.

05:38 Thoughts on Doublelift now and the hype around him.

06:25 EU's lack of stars at AD carry, which are comparable to Doublelift?

07:12 Is Doublelift impressive mechanically?

07:48 Facing M5 in the first IEMs of 2012.

08:40 Thoughts on Genja's strengths and style in Gambit.

10:21 Facing Gambit's botlane of Edward and Genja.

11:11 SK's botlane of him and Nyph.

11:59 Playing over 20 months with Nyph, where do they rank amongst the best botlanes now?

13:08 How Nyph is different from other supports.

14:23 How Nyph rates in terms of balancing going in for kills and staying alive.

15:19 The story of him suggesting Yellowstar reunite with nRated in fnatic and him reunite with Nyph in SK.

16:54 Playing with MoMa in mouz.

17:59 What potential did mouz have as a team?  Why did they disband?

18:51 Yellowstar as an AD, making calls.

20:08 The opinion that Rekkles looked good due to xPeke and sOAZ.

21:24 AD in S3 compared to S2.

22:22 To be the best AD carry do you need the best mechanics?

23:37 Gambit never scrimming SK.

24:32 Is Gambit's model of not scrimming a model other teams can follow?

25:12 To beat M5 "bring them out of their rhythm and force them to play a worse match-up".

26:29 Is Gambit still at the level of potentially being the best team in the world?

27:26 Facing Frost's botlane.

28:56 Germany having a lot of AD carry players.

29:51 Opinions on the EG botlane in S3.

31:13 Underrated European ADs.

32:08 Thoughts on Makler (MYM)

33:12 Thoughts on Creaton (ALTERNATE)

33:43 Does he watch OGN or Chinese leagues?

34:18 Is WeiXiao overhyped?

35:19 Is WeiXiao better at anything than all the other ADs?

36:09 Thinking Chaox was the best AD back in 2011.

37:13 How viable is an aggressive early game approach with AD in S3?

38:26 SK being more strategical, if Bo1 helps with that.

40:26 Thoughts on how accurate the regular season of LCS was for showing how good teams are.

41:23 What will it take to crack the top two of LCS EU?

42:43 How SK functions with ocelote not being the carry from mid.

44:21 How good Kev1n is, whether he is better than Voyboy.

45:13 Ranking Kev1n against sOAZ.

45:59 Hyrqbot's effect on SK.

47:32 Aliens come to Earth, they make Candy Panda the captain of an all-German all-time LoL team to represent humanity in a LoL match for Earth's fate.

49:19 Final words/outro

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