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Araneae's POV: The SK kick


Araneae at LCS EU Qualifier in Warsaw, Poland. Talking exclusively about the SK kick and his Alternate join.

Interview timeline:

0:05 min: Araneae joining Alternate without official announcment
0:52 min: FINALLY! His view about the SK situation
2:55 min: how did he know he is not in the team anymore
3:34 min: about the misscommunication between ocelote and the SK management
5:00 min: why did Araneae arrive at LCS 5 hours before their first match?
5:57 min: Araneae about his new team, and if his mentality fits to other calm players
8:00 min: Is Alternate underperforming at the moment?
8:54 min: What is Alternate lacking of?
11:11 min: The plans of Ara and Alternate from now on
13:20 min: What would Alternate and Ara have done if they qualified for LCS
15:00 min: His goals for 2013 and final words

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